Wardrobe Wish List: Fumblin’ Foe Sequin Bustier Cami

I survived most of my years in college by borrowing clothes. Most weekends I had another girl’s shirt on my back because I never had any “going out clothes” or the pocket change to spare on them. But some girls had closets and dressers and hampers full of amazing shirts that, after a few drinks, they were always willing to share. And to keep up the barter, I always returned them (sooner or later) back in their original state (after cleaning the spilled beer and cheese sauce).

It wasn’t until I graduated in May that I realized what few pieces of clothing I have. So in honor of populating my closet, I’m sharing this find that will also help you populate yours. Among the many adorable choices on fumblinfoe.net (discovered in the newest Marie Claire) is this going out top that’s weekend perfection.

It’s not just that the sparkles won’t rub off. It’s not just the v-neck or the skinny straps. It’s not just the exposed zipper on the back. And it’s not just that it’s black and slimming while reflective and hot.

It’s all of the above.

The top has a bra-like underwire on top that gives some hidden lift, and it covers juuust enough while still giving a scandalous dip that, in combination with the glittering effect, will be sure to catch everyone’s eye. Better yet – it’ll be sure to catch your eye in the morning when it’s scrunched in the corner of a dorm room, be it yours or someone else’s.

If you can’t wait for the weekend, this top is just as awesome for wearing to class. If paired with a solid, plain cardigan, it can certainly be pulled off for the day-to-day and you won’t have to worry once about leaving a trail of glitter behind you. The shirt on its own is a statement piece, though, so even on the weekends be sure to pair with an understated accessory (a necklace or a black bracelet) and only plain jeans.

Adding this top to your wardrobe will be sure to turn the tables and your friends will be knocking down your door looking for something to borrow. But beware of  who you lend it to- it doesn’t look like the kind of shirt that will easily wash free of spilled beer and cheese fries.

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