Gossip Cheat Sheet: Turning Over A New Leaf

Leave it to our favorite celebrities to keep giving us more. It seems everything happens at the same time after a dull week and frankly we were overwhelmed just going through it all. This week we’ve had some break ups, an engagement, and a possible escape. We can always rely on Hollywood to give us something to talk about. But what else is new?

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1. Is Perez Hilton changing his ways? It certainly looks like it! After all of the suicide incidents we’ve been reading about due to bullying, Perez has decided to make some changes to the way he blogs. Perez posted a video this week explaining that he has been a bully to people like Jennifer Aniston, and he feels it’s time for him to be a more positive blogger. This doesn’t mean he won’t say some snarky things every now and then, but he’s going to clean it up a bit.

2. Courtney Cox and David Arquette are separated, and David talked too much about it on Howard Stern’s radio show. He explained that he and Courtney weren’t having sex and she wanted him to “do whatever [he] had to do,” which is why he slept with a waitress named Jasmine Waltz. The couple isn’t getting divorced yet and are trying to work on things through separation for the sake of their six-year-old daughter Coco. Hopefully Courtney missed his radio interview.

3. Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman were separated, now she has filed for divorce. The couple separated in September and are citing irreconcilible differences. They will share custody of their son Max, and Christina requested that both her and Jordan pay their own legal fees and that she pay no spousal support. They did sign a pre-nup, which means Jordan won’t be getting any moolah. Rumors are flying around that Christina may have cheated on the music exec, but nothing has been confirmed.

4. True Blood’s Joe Manganiello is engaged to actress Audra Marie! Sorry ladies, Alcide is unavailable! The two took a trip to Italy where he proposed! They’ve only been dating for a short while since they met in early 2009, but they are super cute together. Congrats!

5. Did Lindsay Lohan try to escape from rehab? No, but that would’ve been a great story! Reports are saying that LiLo tried to escape from the Betty Ford Center to get a soda. Ha! Shawshank Coke Redemption? It could be her comeback! Don’t worry though, her lawyer says this isn’t true, and Lindsay is making great progress. Keep it up lady!

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1. T.I. talked down a suicidal man! The rapper was in Atlanta and heard about a man trying to jump on the radio, so he went over there to help. T.I. said if the guy came down, he’d talk to him in person and it worked!

2. Don’t worry Gleeks, Mark Salling is coming back! Reports were saying that Mark was getting the boot. False! That hottie isn’t going anywhere and he’ll be back after the Rocky Horror episode.

3. Johnny Depp visited an elementary school in England as Captain Jack Sparrow to help some kids with a mutiny! A nine-year-old girl wrote Captain Sparrow a letter asking for his help, and he showed up! Cool!

4. Robert Redford got knighted into France’s Legion of Honor. So now that’s Sir Robert Redford to you!

5. Check out Zach Galifinakis in Vanity Fair! Seriously. Best thing you’ll see all week.

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