Your Guide to Halloween TV

Everyone knows that the Halloween spirit isn’t just confined to October 31st – it’s more like an entire two-week span that culminates with a huge, costume-filled celebration. (Editor’s Note: Two weeks? I’ve been planning my costume since last November!) That being said, the best place to celebrate the earlier part of the world’s scariest holiday is… on the couch.

Major TV networks often dedicate time slots (or entire days) to Halloween-themed episodes, specials, and movies… and I love every scary second of it. True, the power players at Fox suck and deemed the World Series more important than Halloween (RUDE!), but even though the annual Simpsons Halloween extravaganza has been postponed to November, there are plenty of sweet Halloween events on TV.

Check below for some of the best Halloween celebrations that don’t require a costume (but may require an adult diaper):

Syfy Channel:
Yeah, I’d never willingly watch this channel either. Luckily, the people behind The Science Fiction channel get that they have to overcompensate for their unfortunate name by giving us what we want, which, in this case, is Halloween movies galore. They’re dedicating the entire month of October to cult favorites like Children of The Corn, Frankenstein, and Dracula. You can basically turn on this channel any time this month and find something that will make you pee your pants awesomely scary.

Three words: Halloween Block Party.  If you’re a home improvement junkie like me, you’re invited to watch as design pros help people turn their yards from “Eh” to “Ahh!”  Break out the black lights and dry ice October 16th and be sure to take notes!

ABC Family:
It isn’t just for reruns and corny shows about teen pregnancy! ABC Fam does an annual event called “13 Nights Of Halloween.” Any network that appreciates the glory of Hocus Pocus is fine by me; if you agree, tune in anytime between October 18th and 31st .

Cartoon Network:
Feel like embracing your inner kid?  CN is rolling out the orange and black carpet with a bunch of animated tricks and treats all month long.  Ed, Edd, and Eddy’s Boo Haw Haw, Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktacular, and Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy are just a few of the special episodes coming your way.

On October 26, your favorite show and mine will be dedicating an episode to the kitschy, creepy, and fabulous Rocky Horror.  Brad, Janet, Riff Raff, Rocky, cross dressing, and singing?  Count us in!

Admittedly, they aren’t going to be playing any gory horror movies here, but if you’re into cheesy yet entertaining pseudo-spooky tales, this is the place for you. Movies like Halloweentown and Halloween-themed specials of shows like That’s So Raven and Hannah Montana will be playing sporadically throughout the month.

Need a good way to survive that post-Halloween party hangover? Hallmark will be showing marathons of classics like The Munsters and The Addams Family all day on the 31st. Grab some Gatorade and a greasy breakfast sandwich (with a side of fun-size Snickers) and snuggle up in bed for a day of total Halloween indulgence.

The American Movie Channel is dedicating the latter part of the month to Halloween classics. Friday the 13th, anyone?  Tune in starting October 19th at 9am when they kick off with Magic.  Also, on Halloween night AMC’s going to be premiering it’s new series, The Walking Dead.  These aren’t going to be your little sister’s sparkly vampires…

If you’re a Community fan get ready for a spooky special on October 29th that critics are saying will rival last season’s paintball episode.  Could Abed be making a horror flick?  Or maybe Jeff will find that not only his cholesterol is rising, but his hair is thinning, too.  The horror!

DIY Network:
Afraid of things that go bump in the night?  Halloween Fright House Secrets Revealed could be the show for you.  Watch as the scary suddenly becomes not-so.  (“Wait, you mean that ghost is really just a fat carnie in a sheet?”)  The curtain of mystery will be lifted October 17.

The Food Network:
Chopped- Fright Bites will be cooking up some deliciously devilish Halloween treats on October 19th. Watch as the chefs incorporate freakish ingredients to create the ultimate in creepy cuisine.  Pass the eyeballs and werewolf claws, please.  Mmmmmm!

Intro to Cooking: Sesame Broccoli Salad
Intro to Cooking: Sesame Broccoli Salad
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