Dating Makeover Challenge: From Ice to Nice, Day 1

Welcome to the College Dating Makeover Challenge, From Ice to Nice: 5 Days to Be More Approachable. We are beyond excited that you are joining us!

Over the next five days the experts from The College Crush are going to share with you daily videos with simple challenges to help you go from shy to getting noticed.  In a good way. (Not, in this sorta way.)

Today’s Challenge: Show off your pearly whites, with Kira Sabin – The Dating Makeover Coach.

Everyone assumes the most attractive people get approached, but really it is the most confident and happy. Nothing is more powerful or attractive than a smile. Passersby (and that hottie in your Stats lecture) will wonder why you are so happy and want to find out.   Who doesn’t want to hang out with the people who are having the most fun?

So today, whenever you are out in public, throw a smile on your face and see what happens.
And don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments section! At the end of the week, we’ll randomly choose one commenter to win a free one hour one-on-one session with the Dating Makeover Coach herself, Kira Sabin, to get to the nitty gritty of what isn’t working and what is.

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