Yes Means You’re Idiots

This past weekend, the Delta Kappa Epsilon chapter at Yale University led pledges across campus, blindfolding them and forcing them to chant “No means yes, yes means anal.” The boys were led across Yale’s Old Campus, which is where the majority of freshman females live. The pledges also shouted about necrophilia — you know, that charming habit of having sex with corpses.

Not suprisingly, this “hilarious” initiation has caused quite a ruckus on campus. The president of the fraternity, Jordan Forney, apologized about the incident, claiming it was a “lapse of judgment.”

To me, it seems more like a “lapse of maturity, intelligence or respect for themselves or women.”

As a recent Lemondrop article mentions, it’s highly unlikely that this incident was a game-time decision. The older fraternity brothers knew exactly what they were doing and where they wanted to do it.

The extraordinarily degrading and misogynistic chants are irksome and naturally arouse disgust amongst females nationwide, but particularly to those on Yale’s campus. The Yale Women’s Center is calling for disciplinary action to be taken against the fraternity. My fingers are crossed that their pleas will be heard.

I guess, at the end of the day, the main shocker is that this event occurred at Yale University, one of the most prestigious Ivy League schools in America. These kids are supposed to be the cream of the crop, the shining new generation of U.S. leaders. Instead, the school has housed a group of chauvinistic men who find something as revolting as rape funny.

Turns out scoring perfectly on the SATs won’t keep you from scoring perfectly on the “I’m a Tool” scale. Let’s hope Yale holds this chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon accountable for their disgraceful and demeaning acts.

What do you think? If this had happened on your campus, how would you want it to be solved?

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