Greek Speak: Cat Fight!

[We scoured the country to find the ultimate sorority girl to share her sisterly expertise with you. After reading through tons of applications followed by hours Facebook-stalking all the candidates (which proved difficult thanks to FB’s privacy settings….), we found her. She gave you the lowdown on rush and the rules of the sorority date party. And now that you’re sitting pretty in your new house, she’s got a few things to say about sisterly love…. or a lack thereof.]

When you combine 80 girls plus their stress from exams and boys, there is going to be drama. Duh. And even though sorority girls do sometimes get in crazy bitch fights over missing nail polish and whether they are going to watch Gossip Girl or Grey’s, they aren’t lying to you when they say that no one hates anyone in their house.

My non-Greek friends always ask what it’s like to live in a sorority with SO many girls. Thinking back, it’s safe to say that it’s like something between 7th Heaven and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. No, really. It is true that we all love each other like Lucy and Mary (don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about – everyone watched 7th Heaven) and sure, living with all your sisters can be a blast. BUT sometimes living in a house full of girls is a complete nightmare and is full of drama, drama, and more DRAMA.

Living in a sorority is just the same as living with your own blood sister at home, but on steroids. Yes, your clothes will go missing and, yes, you will see your sister tagged in a picture the next day wearing them. It happens. But that’s normal between blood siblings. And it’s the least of the problems when it comes to sorority sisters.

Here are some of the more pressing issues (read: watch your back):

Boyfriend stealers? Check.
I recommend you do your research before falling head over heals for some hot, older frat star. Chances are if he’s that good looking, an older sister in your sorority has already taken her turn with him. Do yourself a favor and move on before things get serious, or half the senior pledge class will be on you like Chi Os on quesadilla day. Don’t be that girl.

Room picks? Obvi.
Everybody knows that there are certain rooms in the house that are way better than others. Most houses have a point system that allows girls with the most points earned (based on GPA, philanthropy, house involvement, etc.) to have the most privileges and get first dibs on rooms. BUT you will guaranteed have that one friend that will beg you (even though you have more points than her) not to take the room she wants… and for some reason if you take that room anyway, game over. I have no advice for you on this, just a heads up. Good luck.

Birthdays? Geeeez.
For someone reason, most of us seem to think that our birthdays should be national holidays. Update: not everyone cares, BUT you better be at every pledge sister’s party. Trust me, she will remember if you were a no-show, then you will have no reason to act surprised when no one shows up for yours.

When it comes to a house full of estrogen, fights are inevitable and sorority living is no exception. At all. Ever. For real. You can’t prepare for everything (especially when there’s always at least 5 girls with PMS), but do yourself a favor and try to diffuse whatever potential drama you can.

What CRAZY sorority drama goes on at your house? Do YOU have a juicy story to share? Let’s talk sorority drama!

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