In Our Makeup Bag: MAC Briar Rose Beauty Powder

[Is it just me or is there another “revolutionary” new makeup product introduced every freaking day?! Just walking into Ulta or Sephora (or even Walgreens!) sends many chicas into fits of hysteria, reaching for the nearest brown bag to regulate their breathing. It’s all so overwhelming.

So how can you know which product – among the sea of thousands – is the best? Which does what you need it to do? Which ones are worth the extra money? Let me help. I don’t know every beauty product out there, but I’ve tested a lot of them and I’ll let you know which are worth the money and which are not.]

(Disclaimer: This product was provided to me for review purposes)

What it is: MAC Briar Rose Beauty Powder

Why this should be in your bag:
Ever since my foray into beauty products began, I’ve been obsessed with blush. Not only does it look so pretty in the pan, but it can do amazing things for your look and complexion. If you’re feeling tired or sluggish from all those midterms (welcome to my freaking life), blush is the perfect makeup pick-me-up!

MAC is the creme de la creme of makeup brands. Known for high-quality products in a variety of extremely fun colors and collections, MAC is where it’s at. This little number is part of their latest release, Venomous Villains. The collection was a collaboration with Disney and as a huge Disney fan, I initially picked up the Beauty Powders for the beautiful compacts. However, the product inside was a pleasant surprise!

(It’s Maleficent!)

How to use it:
Beauty Powders are a funny product; some are sheer and shimmery while others, like Briar Rose, function more as a blush. I like to buff a blush brush in the powder and then – using the handy dandy, built-in mirror – apply it to my cheeks, while smiling. I also make sure to blend it up to my hairline, but subtly. The purple-pink color in the pan becomes a gorgeous true pink when applied and gives a natural glow. There is also a white pearl finish to it, which gives some depth.

(Left: Briar Rose in the pan – gorgeous!. Right: heavy swatch.)

CC Rating: A+
Briar Rose gives me the perfect fall-time flush. It’s easy to apply and blends like a dream! Not chalky or powdery, there is really nothing bad I can say about this one! And talk about the bonus of a beautiful, reusable compact and mirror!

I’m in love with MAC Beauty Powders and will be picking more up when they are released! Unfortunately, like many awesome MAC products, Briar Rose is limited edition and sold out on lots of websites. But trust me, scouring ebay (and using Ebates to get some cash back on that purchase!) is definitely worth it for this one!

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