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Music is a huge part of life for most of us college students–it makes walking to class more interesting, provides background noise for sexy timefor study sessions, sets the mood for hook-ups, and pumps us up for a night of partying.  But keeping your music collection up-to-date can get kind of expensive–at 99 cents or $1.29 per song, those download fees can definitely add up!

But what if I told you there was a way to listen to the full-length version or practically any song, whenever you wanted, for absolutely free (without illegally downloading it)?  Pretty much everyone already knows and loves Pandora Radio for free music listening that’s catered to your tastes.  However, it does have a few pitfalls: you can’t hear a particular song exactly when you want to, you can’t replay or rewind songs you want to hear again, you can’t hear specific songs or artists or make playlists.  But there is a site that makes it possible to do all those things: Grooveshark.

Grooveshark lets you search for and stream music online for free, without having to pay any sort of subscription or pay-per-download fees.  Basically, users can upload their own music libraries, and other users can search and listen to them.  You can even mark songs as favorites so you don’t have to search for them again and create and save playlists.

Since you can’t download anything from Grooveshark (they do however provide links to Amazon and iTunes where you can), you have to actually be online and connected to the site for it to work.  However, it’s a great way to listen to songs you don’t actually want to spend your money on or to listen to an entire album to decide if it’s worth buying.

Seriously, though, Grooveshark is pretty awesome.  It’s so awesome, in fact, that we use it here at CollegeCandy to make all our awesome playlists (like the most recent groovetastic October Pre-Party playlist).  So once you get a Grooveshark account, make sure to follow “collegecandy”!

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