Dating Makeover Challenge: From Ice to Nice, Day 4

We’re onto day 4 of our College Dating Makeover Challenge, From Ice to Nice and we’re all well on our way to being more approachable!

Just joining us? Welcome! This week the experts from The College Crush are going to share with you daily videos with simple challenges to help you go from shy to getting noticed.  In a good way. (Not, in this sorta way.) First they challenged you to put on a happy face. Then, it was all about eye contact. Yesterday, they asked you to put away your cell phones.

Today’s Challenge:  Be aware of your body language, with Brittany Chaffee a CollegeCandy writer and the (faboosh) lady behind The College Revolution on The College Crush. Let’s get to it.

As much as I enjoy blabbing my mouth off from time to time, I’ve recently realized (with the help of Ms. Kira Sabin) that I need to pay attention to one of the most important aspects of dating there is: body language.  It’s so easy to close people off with your body.  And the kicker? You don’t even notice you’re doing it!

Who needs the sparkliest top in the room, the best spray tan, and the coolest frost tips to nab a man? All you need is nice posture and an open frame, and the world is yours.  It’s important to carry yourself with confidence; guys will totally notice and appreciate your (silent) welcoming body language.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never readily approached a guy standing at the bar with his arms folded and his eyes averted.  We approach people who authentically look like they want to spark up a conversation.

And it’s the same for people who want to approach you.

We’ve all seen those body language experts analyze celebrities in US Weekly and Cosmopolitan; now it’s time to analyze YOU.
Are you ready for this? When you are out today, pay attention to your body language (and your smile and eye contact….and not your cell phone). Then share your experiences in the comments section! At the end of the week, we’ll randomly choose one commenter to win a free one hour one-on-one session with the Dating Makeover Coach herself, Kira Sabin, to get to the nitty gritty of what isn’t working and what is.

Sexy Time: Bareback Mountin’
Sexy Time: Bareback Mountin’
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