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Like an expensive drug (or shoe or handbag or bracelet) addiction, our daily trips to Starbucks adds up… and fast.

Save for the few times a year I get a gift card from mi padres for the holidays, I’m shelling out dough for lattes because me without my PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte for all you non PSL drinkers) and friendly “what upppp!” from my Barista (yes, they know me by name) is like me without a soul.

But now, there’s GOOD news. Unlike those dumb “gifts” your Facebook friends can give you – I mean, really, I don’t need an animated cupcake on my wall. Show up with a damn cupcake or don’t bother, homeslice – Starbucks has made Facebook gifting oh-so-tangible.

That’s right, peeps; now your friends can download the Starbucks App and buy your friendship (err – buy you a gift) by loading your Starbucks card for you! No need for them to walk to the Bucks, no need for them to even go to They can pretty much play Scrabble with their mom, stalk down their new crush’s past hookups and upload photos from that awesome football Saturday (what up BADGERS?!), all while buying you a lemon loaf and frappucino at the same time!

And, with this app you can even manage your own Starbucks Card right inside Facebook. View your rewards and reload your own card so that you won’t be caught empty gift-carded next time you’re paying for your mocha…and pumpkin cream cheese muffin.

Starbucks has made it very clear that they totes get us college students. We are lazy. And we don’t like to do anything besides drink coffee and waste our lives away on Facebook (and CollegeCandy, obvs).

And now we can do both all with a single visit to a single website. Genius.

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