Dating Makeover Challenge: From Ice to Nice, Day 5

Congratulations!  You made it through to day 5 of the College Dating Makeover Challenge, From Ice to Nice! The other experts and I had so much fun and hope that you were able to take away and apply some of things you have learned.

The experts have shared a lot with you this week: the importance of smiling, the power of eye contact, the negative affects of texting in public, and the messages your body is sending. And now it’s time to put it all together.

Today’s Challenge:  Get approached and set yourself up for success, with Kira Sabin, The Dating Makeover Coach and creator of
If you apply all of the ideas that we have given you this week consistently you will be approached, but throw in these techniques to set yourself up for success.

1.  Pick a partner in crime: Nothing is more intimidating than trying to approach 5 or 6 women.  If you feel like getting out there and meeting people, choose only one or two friends.  Preferably ones that who are not going to try to be the center of attention.

2.  Face out: Make sure your body is facing out towards the room.  If you are huddled over a table or facing the bar, no one (or usually not the guys you want) are going to approach you.

3.  Make an entrance: Walk in like you own the place.  When you enter the room stop at the door for a few seconds and smile while you scan the room.  It instantly says I belong here and go ahead and look at me.

And with that, you’re ready. Get out there this weekend and be more approachable!

Then come back here and share your experiences in the comments section! We’re gonna randomly pick one commenter to win a free one hour one-on-one session with the Dating Makeover Coach herself, Kira Sabin, to get to the nitty gritty of what isn’t working and what is.

Good luck!

Dating Makeover Challenge: From Ice to Nice, Day 4
Dating Makeover Challenge: From Ice to Nice, Day 4
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