Gossip Cheat Sheet: The Rumor Mill’s A Churnin’

Oh Em Gee. There’s a whole lotta ish going down in Hollywood this week but the question is: what’s true and what’s not?  Is Xtina into the ladies? Is Kim dating John Mayer? Or Kanye? Did Biebs punch a kid?!

We’re not sure what to believe, but we’re going to try to comb through the mess and smooth it all out for you.

Big Ass Pageant Hair

1. Mel Gibson has been kicked off the cast of The Hangover 2! Yikes! Is anyone surprised, though? Given the recent controversy in Melgate, probably not. Mel was supposed to play a tattoo artist in the film as the crew gets lost somewhere in Thailand. Then, earlier this week Zach Galifianakis opened up about how he was upset with a movie he was working on and the next thing we know, director Todd Phillips axes Mel because they didn’t have the “full support of the cast.”

2. Is Beyonce preggo? According to sources, no! Rumors were flying this week about a possible Baby-B, and Us Weekly reported that Jay-Z really wants kids. BUT, Beyonce‘s mom will be on Ellen to confirm that the rumors are false. Sadface! Maybe they’re trying to hide it, maybe it really isn’t true. One thing’s for sure: we would love to see a baby in their future. If only to see him/her do this.

3. If you were freaking out about Jean-Claude Van Damme’s heart attack this week, don’t worry! He’s fine! It was a fake. The gossip sites were flooding with rumors, saying he suffered a heart attack while working on his new film, Weapon. He posted on his Facebook page that it wasn’t true and not to believe any rumors from “unofficial JCVD sites.” We’re glad he’s okay!

4. What’s going on with Christina Aguilera? Sigh, who the hell knows? There’s been a lot of rumors going around following her divorce from Jordan Bratman like they had an open marriage so she could hook up with girls, and she may have a relationship with Sam Ronson. Yeah, we’re just as confused as you. While most of the rumors have been shut down, there’s one regarding stitches the singer received this week. Christina got some stitches on her lip and Jordan said she fell, or something. There’s no reports of domestic violence, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

5. Contrary to popular belief, Reese Witherspoon is not engaged! While this has been the buzz, it’s not true. Yet. She’s been dating Hollywood agent Jim Toth since January, and he thinks she’s the one. Poor Jake Gyllenhaal. It’s okay Jakey, we’ll console you.

Greasy Ass Hangover Hair

1. James Franco has finally released his collection of short stories, Palo Alto! His career has been blowin up! I’m going to Barnes & Noble tomorrow to get it for sure. Hopefully there are some hottie shirtless shots on every page.

2. Katy Perry and Russell Brand are getting married this weekend. They’re having a six day wedding in India! Here’s hoping she wears a wedding cake bustier.

3. Dianna Agron apologized for the Glee GQ photo shoot this week, but not really. She apologized if she offended anyone, but also wondered who on earth is buying their children subscriptions to GQ. You’ve got nothing to apologize for, honey!

4. You’ve been waiting for it: the Scream 4 trailer is here!

5. Chris Pine is sweeter than a bag of Halloween candy.

Diagnosis: “Drunkorexia?”
Diagnosis: “Drunkorexia?”
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