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I slept with the lights on after a midnight showing of Paranormal Activity 2, which is saying a lot for a movie that I went into with “Whip My Hair” stuck in my head beforehand. For a long time, I had been predicting that the follow up to last year’s Paranormal Activity would be a more corny, overdone version of the first film (which I loved, even if it made my cry).

I got what I expected… but it still managed to scare the hell out of me.

I would kill anyone who spoiled this movie for me, so I’m going to say as little about the plot that I can get away with. The film follows a married couple, the husband’s teenage daughter, a newborn baby, and an adorable dog. Unlike the couple from Paranormal Activity, this family is actually all-around likable. Don’t lie, I KNOW I’m not the only one that got fed up with Micah’s antics during the first movie. Katie, from the original film, does return as the wife’s sister, but that is all I’m going to say about it, because that is everything that you could get from just watching the first ten minutes of the film (and the trailer).

Just like the first movie, spooky footage is caught by way of home video. This time around, though, they also enlist surveillance footage, which is a brilliant way of updating the first film without straying from the original concept. It is fairly genius, because they are able to build suspense in a way that the first movie couldn’t – no one can know WHERE the fear will occur, let alone when.

Sequels are very tricky, and Paranormal Activity 2 is well aware of that. The first film was able to scare audiences by doing hardly anything at all, because no one knew its tricks. Most people who are going to see the sequel have been scared the first time around and are ready to call the sequel on any bullsh*t they see. Unfortunately, that’s a difficult thing to do. Although the film gives less-subtle scares, it also masterfully builds suspense, therefore has control of your emotions. When I watched the previews, I thought they were just throwing a dog and a baby in there, in order to easily make people more emotionally involved. But, the film convinced me that there were absolutely no gratuitous family members present.

Overall, just like when I read about Taylor Swift and John Mayer’s failed romance, I’m pretty sure I felt every possible emotion while sitting in that movie theater seat. I also felt extremely bonded with the audience, because everyone is sharing those emotions, so I would recommend seeing it while audiences are still packed. I also would recommend that people watch the first movie before seeing the sequel. Yes, it will make sense either way, but having the background information given in the first movie will definitely help and make the movie more enjoyable. Plus, Paranormal Activity is a freaking great movie, so you should see it anyway.

If you loved (or were terrified by) the first one, you won’t be disappointed by the second. If you were one of the people who thought Paranormal Activity was the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen, don’t waste your money on the sequel, because it won’t get better for you.

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