The 8 Most Annoying Things on Campus [GALLERY]

The following is a guest post by our new friend Elizabeth O’Neill, a college-life aficionado and freqent contributor to The Huffington Post College. Follow her on Twitter: @SomethingKnew.

Compared with the grind of the working world, college is a pretty cushy experience.  Still, not everything on campus is as rosy as the tour guides would have you believe.  Despite its many opportunities, student life is fraught with frustrating rules and limitations.  If you like cereal for dinner and long hikes to class in the rain, you might be the perfect candidate for college living.  If, on the other hand, you need your creature comforts in order to stay sane, you’ll want to be forewarned about the following:

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Candy Dish: The Campus Scoop
Candy Dish: The Campus Scoop
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