The Five Easiest Halloween Costumes Ever

Bonus 6th Idea! Toga party. Nothing cheaper!

It’s getting down to the wire. Halloween is literally right around the corner and you want to look your best…without dropping $59.99 to be a Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (really?!). Completely understandable. You’re a college student. You’re smart – you know that it’s possible to have a  great costume and still have enough money to drop at the bar during Halloweekend.

And CollegeCandy is here to give you a little nudge in the right direction. Even if you waited until the last possible second to come up with a costume idea.

We’re presenting: The Five Easiest Halloween Costumes…Ever.

Walk of Shame / Stride of Pride – The perfect Halloween college student get-up. Grab a pair of boy’s gym shorts from one of your friends (or your esteemed personal collection) and throw on a white Hanes v-neck tee or long-sleeve button down. Smear some eyeliner under your eyes, mess up your hair, and put on your favorite pair of skimpy black heels. We’ve all been there. We all have our own variation of the look – Coach wristlet, last night’s dress in our hand, condom wrapper peeping out your bra. Personalize it. Make it you. Added bonus? You can tell people Halloween morning that you’re in costume. Maybe they’ll be fooled.

’80s Aerobics Instructor – Yeah it’s a little overdone… but everyone loves the ’80s!! Whip out your favorite pair of leggings. You do have leggings right?!  You’re a college student, of course you do. If you don’t, go buy six pairs immediately. Take an old t-shirt or crew neck sweatshirt and cut the neck so it becomes an off-the-shoulder tee. For your hair – the bigger the better. Side ponytail, teasing, Aquanet hairspray. Channel your inner Madonna. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, call up the momz. I bet she has an old pair of leg warmers or a real vintage leotard from when she took a cardio step class. (Maybe this is just my mom…. Best. Theme Party. Costumes. Ever.)

Lady Gaga – Hear me out with this one, Little Monsters. Queen Gaga would wear anything under the sun. This means your options are absolutely limitless. Put together the biggest fashion catastrophe you can think of – garbage bags, cigarette sunglasses, colorful fishnets, the Mickey Mouse ears you got when you were seven years old in Disney World. Splatter paint your shirt with ketchup and mustard. Literally whatever you can find in your closet, your pantry, under your bed. Make it work. Because that’s what Gaga would do.

Hippie Chick – Another super easy decade-related costume. (You don’t even have to shower!) Throw on your favorite tie-dye tee (or make your own), ripped jeans, and your most comfortable pair of flip-flops. Style your hair with a bunch of little braids and add one of those trendy foreheadbands. Who says you have to super sexy on Halloween?

Tacky Tourist – This is another idea that you can really personalize and go over the top with. Visiting Hawaii or sailing the high seas? Find a crazy printed short-sleeved button up (you’ll strike gold in Wal-mart), zinc up that nose, and wear socks with your sandals. Add a lei and binoculars to catch a glimpse of exotic creatures. Or maybe you want to be a New York tourist. Wear a larger than life camera around your neck, carry an oversized map in your hand all night, and rock an I <3 NY tee. Don’t have one? Sharpie up a plain white tee. Don’t forget to keep looking up and pointing at those tall buildings all night!

Are these the most creative Halloween costumes you’ve ever heard of? Of course not.

But they’re still fun, they’re totally easy to put together (after 10 days of midterm hell and only 6 hours until that Halloween party at your BFF’s), and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be a part of the festivities! Plus, you can look great without showing off your labia.

Have fun with whatever you choose to be… that’s what Halloween is all about.

Need even more Halloween inspiration? We got it!

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Calling All Bro-Dads!
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