The Weekly Ten: Halloween Movies You Forgot You Loved

There are a lot of perks to experiencing Halloween as a college student, that’s a given. But remember Halloween as a little kid? When you looked forward to more than the drinking games and the slutty sexy costumes?

Sure, I loved the costumes, and the candy, and the pumpkin carvings, but for me it was really all about the movies. And not those crazy, creepy, scary ones either, but the fun ones. You know, the ones about friendly ghosts and clumsy witches and great pumpkins…
Allow me to refresh your memory…

10. Beetlejuice. Originally this one was going to be higher up on the list. But as I rediscovered the plot of this Halloween time horror, I realized it was actually kind of creepy. Way to get your big break though, Winona Ryder.

9. The Little Vampire. Think back, way back. Before Twilight. Before Edward Cullen. Before vampires were ever associated with glitter. Remember when you actually thought vampires were kind of scary? It made the idea of a little boy being BFFs with a vampire so much cooler.

8. Casper. The friendly ghost. The special effects may not seem as cool as they used to, but it’s still worth a re-watch. Upon looking this one up on IMDb I discovered there was actually a plot behind this movie. No, I’m not going to tell you what it was. Watch it; you won’t be disappointed.

7. Underwraps. A favorite in my household growing up. My brother was obsessed with it. And it didn’t help that the Disney channel aired it every other day that first year it came out. We watched it over and over (and over) until I knew the lines by heart. Never could quite get use to the fact that they named the mummy Harold, though.

6. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Come on. It’s Tim Burton. And a classic. And I don’t care what those brats are saying today, it will always be better than The Corpse Bride. End of discussion.

5. Double, Double Toil and Trouble. The Olsen twins have a movie for every occasion, and Halloween is no exception. Back in the day I couldn’t get enough of these two. But now I kind of wonder how Shakespeare would feel about Mary Kate and Ashley stealing his lines…

4. Halloweentown. Yes, another Disney channel original movie. But I can’t help myself. These people know how to do Halloween. After seeing this movie, I secretly hoped that one day I would “come of age,” and find out I had magical powers too. (Reading the Harry Potter books shortly after did nothing to help this notion disappear.)

3. The Worst Witch. My personal favorite. Poor Mildred Hubble, things never seemed to go right for her. But her life wasn’t all bad, I mean she had teachers named Miss Cackle, and Miss Spellbinder, and a cute little grey cat. And she had her own theme song…Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the worst witch of them all?

2. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown, much like the Olsen twins, has a movie for every occasion, and unlike the Olsen twins, every one of his holiday specials is worth watching. Linus and Sally spend the night in a pumpkin patch. Charlie Brown gets rocks in his trick or treat bag, and Lucky is just plain mean. Business as usual.

1. Hocus Pocus. The best Halloween movie of all time. It’s a fact. The other night, one of my friends posted on Facebook that she was watching it. The status now has 28 comments, all with various versions of “best movie ever,” and “OMG I love that movie,” along with actual quotes from the movie. Plus, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one with a crush on Max, right?

So what do you think, ladies? Did I get all of your favorites? Which ones did I forget? There’s no limit on childhood memories. So dust off those VCRs, pull out those old VHS tapes, grab some candy corn and start reminiscing.

Time for a movie marathon!

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Sundays are for Procrastinating
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