Taylor Swift Is No Better Than John Mayer or Kanye West

Taylor Swift’s third album Speak Now dropped yesterday (you can listen to it here), and as America goes crazy over her sparkly dresses and good girl persona, the masses continue to talk about the songs and who they are about. However, instead of getting caught up in all that, I think it’s time to call Nashville’s country pop-princess out.

Enough with the good girl, doe-eyed “who me?” act, Taylor – you’re no better than anyone you write about!

Taylor’s career has been built upon writing songs about her encounters with other people, revealing facts about her relationships, and candidly exposing her side of the story. This is something that many people have done in their music and through their interviews. However, they get a lot of crap for it – while Taylor seems to get the thumbs up.

While the majority of songs on Speak Now feature snapshots of relationships and love, there is an overwhelmingly angry tone that seeks revenge throughout the album’s 14 songs. And just like a lot of the people she writes about (John Mayer and Kanye West, to name the most notorious), she dishes … and does so maliciously. Not such a nice girl now, are you Tay?

Getting the most buzz for its undertones is track six, “Dear John.” Obviously it’s about John Mayer. However, if Taylor wrote the song and named it “Dear Dillon” or “Dear XYZ,” I doubt the media or fans would be pointing fingers at John – no one would have put two and two together. Instead though, she wanted to take a private relationship (despite working together, there was never a John and Taylor relationship confirmation) and make it public, ultimately to damn John for his faults in whatever they shared.

How is this any different than what John Mayer is continuously attacked for by the media? Seriously, think about it. He’s run his mouth about Jessica Simpson being sexual napalm to Playboy, he’s openly talked about Jennifer Aniston and the song “Heartbreak Warfare” is supposed to be about her, and his outspoken and outlandish commentary has pissed a lot of people off. All of that isn’t much different than Taylor blatantly making this private relationship very, very public.

Imagine if John released a song called “Dear Taylor” tomorrow. People would be outraged, even if the song was more about his role in their relationship than hers. The media would attack him for writing about her, exploiting their privacy, and who knows what else. Whether you want to admit it or not, it’s safe to say this is how it would go – which seems like a double standard. Taylor writes “Dear John” and people couldn’t be happier for him to be publicly examined in a song, but if “Dear Taylor” existed, people wouldn’t be singing along.

It seems like Taylor wanted to stir the pot. And if that’s what she intended to do, then more power to her. But the whole pretending “I don’t know what the big deal is” attitude is really annoying. She won’t confirm or deny, but makes comments saying that it’s all in the music. Take some responsibility, girl. You wrote the song. You named it “Dear John” for a reason. You wanted to make a statement, and you certainly did. But come out and say it already!

I doubt she’ll come out and clear up the truth though. She likes to reel her line out a little bit and when people bite, she tends to hold them there. Just look at the way she’s still talking about a certain Jonas Brother. Although Taylor hasn’t dated Joe Jonas since long before her Fearless album came out in 2008, she still talks about him in interviews whenever she can. When Fearless originally came out, she was blatantly exposing what songs were about Joe on Ellen’s talk show. Two years later and she’s still writing about him?

Give it up, girl!

But she can’t. She even writes about the alleged other girl in the demise of their relationship, Camilla Belle, in “Better Than Revenge.” What’s the point of doing this besides being mean? This is kind of ironic after all, considering she has a song entitled “Mean” about critics that say mean things about her. Hypocritical much?

Taylor recently told the New York Times that she feels like in her music she can be a “rebel” and that she can “say things I wouldn’t say in real life.” While it’s good for her to be able to have that release through songs, I think it’s time for her to grow up – something she writes a lot about on Speak Now – and walk the walk if she’s going to talk the talk.

Taylor sings “There’s nothing I do better than revenge” on Speak Now, and makes revenge a key point of where she’s at musically and all that just puts her in the same category as everyone else in the industry who speaks out to get media attention, seek revenge, or to cause the next big scandal. Taylor Swift may not have stolen the show at a very public event or given an explicitly detailed interview to a magazine, but airing your dirty laundry to beat of a pop-country song is no different and no better.

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