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Dear Tuffy Luv,
I’m pretty sure you already answered a question like mine but I couldn’t find the answer, so here goes. I’m a high school senior applying to college and I’m having a bit of a problem with my safety school. It’s brilliant: great nightlife, safe area, amazing dorms and has a course that I love. One bad thing though: it’s my hometown. The dorms are down the road. The campus is a 10 minute drive from home. Not that I don’t love my hometown and my folks, but isn’t college my one chance to become independent and get a little space? When it comes down to it, I want to be able to stumble home drunk at 2 a.m and not have to worry about seeing people I know on every street corner.

Would staying in town for college be a waste of an experience? [Ed. Note: No! Just ask our commuter student!]

Should I apply to a worse school just because I don’t want to stay in my town? I mean, my folks think I should stay in dorms (and I will) but still. Any advice would be lovely 🙂

– Confused about College

Dear Confused about College,

Well, I’m more of a relationship columnist, but…well, I really like your question. So, okay, I’ll come at this from the angle of forming new (and dealing with old) relationships via college, yes?

Yes, a major function of college is to have new experiences. You may indeed feel the need to “stumble home drunk at 2am” (although, if you do, and this goes for ALL OF YOU, please NEVER NEVER do it alone!!! Stumbling in any condition at 2am anywhere is not safe enough to go it alone!!!), and certainly that is harder if you’re worried about running into people.

But, look, you’re certainly not gonna bump into your parents on campus. So that’s a plus. And I think it’s really great and supportive of them that they want you to live in a dorm even though the school’s so nearby. It’s cool that they want you to have new experiences without them.

This leads me to believe they’ll probably kinda leave you alone. So you can check that off your list of worries.

As for running into people you know from, say, high school–well, they’ll all be busy having their own new experiences. I doubt they’re gonna care what you’re doing, just as you probably could give a shoop about what they’re doing out at 2am.

Who knows? You might even find that, outside the context of high school, someone you’ve known for years and never connected with could be really cool. Old associates often become new friends.

And, honey–if it’s a good school, that, honestly, is more important. Don’t go to a worse school just to avoid old neighbors! Seriously, girl. You got a good head on your shoulders. Go to a good school and use it!!! Besides, it’s your safety school, yes? You may not even end up there.

Here’s to hoping you get into your first choice and have all the exciting, brand-new, branching-out experiences you crave and deserve! (WHILE, of course, maintaining your GPA!!!!!!!!)

Hearts & Skulls,
Tuffy Luv

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