The Starting Line: Freshman Halloweek Revelations

The whiteboard outside the door, I’ve realized, is a classic college staple. It’s as college as 3 AM bedtimes, as shower shoes, as James Franco (fun fact: James Franco and I exchanged heys on campus last week). It’s soooooo college.

Fortunately enough, the whiteboard outside my suite’s door right now reads this: “HALLOWEEK 2010: Let your inner Heidi Klum out. . .that chick’s a Halloweenoholic.” Because happily, another thing that is as college as flip flops worn in the shower is the almost spiritual worship of Halloween.

As an avid fan and celebrator of Halloween (when I was seven, I sketched out Halloween costume ideas in my diary in April), the spooky festivities of the week are one freshman year rite of passage that I am definitely jumping out of my school-issued desk to celebrate.

There are several aspects to consider about this upcoming week — in fact my brain has been so inundated with clever costume ideas (psh, slutty witches are for amateurs) and Facebook party invites, that any concept of biophilia or firms’ long run equilibrium have totally been drowned. My parents don’t know it, but they will be thankful when Sunday passes, that’s for sure.

Ergo: the costume. Okay, so while slutty Snow White/Nurse/Flight Attendant all call my name, my wallet is so dry that I actually pick up the pennies I accidentally drop on the road now. Therefore, splurging on a forty dollar costume that I’ll probably wear once is a big fatty No. And while slutty costumes are also sort of a college tradition, I’m more into the “make do with what you have and try to look cute” look, which via Facebook stalking upperclassmen at my college, may or may not be the philosophy of the majority of people here as well. Uniqueness is key. Also, we’ve had some serious DKE pledging problems that have had Women’s Center here up in arms, so I should show some chick solidarity by not whoring myself out…although, if I had forty dollars to spare, you could probably find me and frolicking about in an uber-short Dorothy costume with my stuffed Toto.

So, with my lack of money in mind, I’ve used craftiness, a printer and clothes I already have to provide me some costume options that I could pull out of my back pocket if needed:

-Cat: I have cat ears, I have black clothes (leggings, v-neck t-shirt), voila kitty cat. Kind of typical, but totally useful. Eyeliner whiskers optional.

-Banana: I have a yellow dress, and I can print off a huge Chiquita logo to tape on my dress, and then I’m a cute banana.

-Pocahontas: This costume is a bit more involved, and also I made it my junior year of high school. I took my brother’s old XL yellow polo shirt and cut it into a Pocahontas dress, complete with white fringe (sewn on) and a brown belt. Turquoise necklace that I already have and a magic markered brown arm tattoo, and it’s like the herring and the otter are my friends.

-Bottle of glue: So I have a fluorescent orange hunting hat that will serve as the top. And then I’ll wear a white t-shirt and tape an Elmer’s Glue logo onto it. Jeans, and or black leggings complete the transformation.

-Pikachu: I’d just wear my already mentioned yellow dress, and tape some yellow paper onto my already mentioned cat ears, and then put some red spots on my cheeks.

All do-able, all costing me a grand total of zero dollars. More than anything, the costs of freshman year have made me realize something else that is sooooo college: just how much we all need a job to cover our day-to-day expenses. And, in a happier line of thought I suppose, the power of broke-student innovation. (Can I put “Was innovative and went as a bottle of glue for Halloween. . .” on my job resume?)

Regardless of my lack of an income, I plan on celebrating my first college Halloweek appropriately. Pumpkin carving, apple-cider sipping, and night-time wickedness galore; I think the essayist Samuel Johnson put it best when he said “By day the frolic, the dance by night.”

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