Wardrobe Wish List: Body Central Curvey Keyhole Tee

I’m almost positive that I am not the only woman who wants to accent my assets and disguise my least favorite attributes. There’s no point in buying clothes that don’t make you feel fantastic – they should show what you want to show while smoothing out any imperfections (hint hint – last week’s waist belt).  Whether you’ve indulged in a few too many late-night dorm binges or you’ve been studying too hard to make it to the gym, this amazing Curvey Keyhole Tee from Body Central will remind you that you’re cute and sexy no matter how many pizza boxes you have piled up near your door.

Inspired by Monday night’s Gossip Girl and the so-sexy-it-was-almost-vulgar keyhole shirt that Serena wore (and in front of her mother!) to the Observer party, the idea had me thinking. She wore a fitted black shirt with a diamond shape cut out right in the center of her chest. The girls had to have been duct taped to her sides to keep them from falling out. But her shirt, while unrealistic in the real world (come on, no one’s boobs could look like that!) has the same principles of this Body Central shirt: it drew your eye directly to the most flattering part of her body and nowhere else. The idea was enough to make me want to rush to my wardrobe with a pair of scissors.

After I forced myself to put scissors down, I found this much more innocent version on Body Central, the curators of cheap, well made, just-sexy-enough tops that you can’t go wrong with.  We all know the basics of how to show a little skin – a v-kneck for the chest, spaghetti straps for the shoulders, basically anything besides low rise jeans to highlight a muffin top. But keyhole cut outs? They’re a whole new concept in something unexpected. 

Sometimes a plunging neckline is a little too in-your-face, but a fitted black top with a hole where there should be none? Ooo la la. Let’s keep in mind that your upper chest is the part of your body that’s least-susceptible to chub so you’ll be able to wear this shirt no matter what.

And the key to wearing a keyhole? Putting your hair up. The one thing Body Central missed the mark on with their model. The jeans? Good. No jewelry besides earrings? Good. Hair down covering the patch of skin peaking through? Not cool. Pair this shirt with a sleek ponytail if your hair is short enough to not block the view, or a bun otherwise, and never let a necklace interfere!

Adding this shirt to your wardrobe will give you the grace of a top that you can throw on anytime because it’s never unflattering. It’ll never become that shirt you hurl in the corner in a fit because it makes your arms/stomach/back/earlobes look bad.  The black is slimming, the keyhole is hot, the cap sleeves are adorable, and the element of sexy is there without hitting anyone over the head. Wear it to a party, wear it to a meeting, wear it on a date, wear it to church. Just wear it.

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