Budget Stylista: Sequins for All Occasions

Ladies, fashion can be complicated. With magazines, catalogs and store displays making it look effortless, you think, “I can rock that style; that can be ME!!” So you go in, flip through the racks, and see the price for the military look is way beyond your price range. You buy just the jacket.

Then you see a perfect retro outfit in this month’s Nordstrom catalog, but again, can only afford one piece. This keeps goin’ on and before you know it, you’ve got one piece from a bunch of different looks but NO idea how to put them together.

Until now. Because, my friends, my job is to take this complicated (and often pricey) thing called fashion and make it a little bit easier for you. So here is a little guide to making that one sequined piece you just had to have (because everyone knows it’s important to add some sparkle to your fall and winter wardrobe) work. And better yet: it’s going day and night. For a price that IS right.

Brace yourselves, ladies:

Sequins by Day:

Sequin top, jacket, leggings, boots scarf.

I love this loose, sequined top rocked with the more understated (and comfy cotton!) jacket. The blazer LOOKS nice but the material keeps it casual. Sister, please – I will NOT put you in a stiff jacket for lecture. Adding an oversized scarf keeps the sequins subdued, so you get your sparkle on while still being totally appropriate for day. Throw on with leggings (more comfort) and boots (the easiest way to chic-up a pair of leggings) and – bada-bing-bada-boom – off to class you go!

Sequins at Night:

Sequin top, skirt, tights, shoes, bag, bracelet, bracelet.

See what I did there? We’re using the same shirt (talk about a BUDGET stylista), but this time tucked it into a tweed mini. A basic black skirt works too, but I love the mix of patterns and textures. Throw on some black tights, awesome pumps or booties, a killer clutch with a little something to make it pop (more sparkle, a bold color, etc.) and some bangles, and go paint the town red. Or green. Or purple. Or whatever.

See what else Jill can do with a lot of style and a little cash.

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