A Bucket List of All the Best Bucket Lists

There’s so much to accomplish in college, it can be overwhelming. At times it seems almost impossible to schedule in studying between losing your virginity and apologizing to your roommate for mistaking her drawer for a toilet. But luckily for you, we’ve got your back. Let us be your virtual parent (Do this, DON’T do that) and help you prioritize your goals with a bucket list of quality bucket lists.

Things you need to do today…or just another way to put off accomplishing any work

Your Las Vegas checklist…for when you’re too boozed up to remember what you want to do next

Your bedtime bucket list… because missionary ain’t really cutting it

25 things to do before you’re 25 … you can do them after, I guess, but it won’t be as easy when you’re wearing depends

Every girls needs to wear these once …because you’ll never be brave enough to wear a crop top if someone doesn’t demand that you put it on

The f-ck it list….the exact opposite of a bucket list

The before-you-die list … so you don’t feel pressured to get all of these done today

Things you gotta do before you graduate…you know cops don’t think it’s funny when you pop a squat in front of a bar in real life

If you have a penis… and you accidentally found this site when you were searching for hot girls

Saturday Read: We Were Here, by Matt de la Pena
Saturday Read: We Were Here, by Matt de la Pena
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