10 Things You Should Know About Sex

Of course you think you know everything about sex.  You’re a liberated, intelligent college woman, right?  And you’ve done your research; you know what’s what.  Well, guess what?  There’s always room for a little extra know-how, and we’ve compiled the ultimate resource on everything you need to know about sex.  Take notes, you just might learn a new fact or two.

1. How not to become a Baby Mama
The birth control method you might be using that…(wait for it)…doesn’t work 27% of the time.

2. Not all men are created equal
Is there such a thing as too big?  Too small?  Maybe a little…stubby?  With this visual guide you can tell if your man’s more a shower or a grower…or maybe a “soda can”.

3. It should last how long?
Apparently wishing for a guy who can go all night long isn’t what we need.  15 minutes max is what the pros recommend, and in reality, most couples spend less than seven minutes on intercourse.

4. It’s good to have a friend…with benefits.
Science says having someone with whom you can experiment, but have no emotional tie to, is actually a fabulous thing for your sex life.

5. It shouldn’t hurt
But if it does, this might be your problem…

6. Forget your numbers
If age and weight get to be “just numbers”, so can that other set of pesky numbers.  How many people you’ve slept with is irrelevant when it comes to these other important items on your sexual resume.

7. Know what men want
Because, you know.  Sometimes they just don’t fess up like they should.  But seriously, let’s take the guesswork out of sex already.

8. Know what you want
From a professional male porn star, this tip tops his list for what makes a woman great in bed.  Check out what other pearls of wisdom he has to offer.

9. Speaking of porn…
Ladies, let’s have some realistic expectations, shall we?  Like some sexy fireman would ever come to your door to “help put that fire out”.  And if he did, the fantasy would not last the duration of a feature film.

10. Avoid mood killers.
Miley Cyrus does not belong on a sex playlist.  Onion rings are not a romantic dinner.  And these ten bedroom snafus need to be avoided by all costs.

BONUS #11. Old people have sex.
Just because you graduate college and the options become less plentiful doesn’t mean that you can’t still have amazing sex.

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