The Post-Grad Journey: Keeping In Touch

College introduced me to my best friends (who ended up not being my best friends senior year, but oh well), girls that compulsively wore Uggs and North Face jackets to class, stereotypes unknown in high school (hello frat boys), frenemes, coffee buddies, and classroom peers, and a few boys I wish I never met. Being in a university setting provides students with an ongoing fodder of new people – all from different walks of life. And through these chance meetings, you will meet someone (or many ones) that will truly impact your life.

I certainly did. Looking back on the last four years of my life, a lot of specific friends stick with me, along with a few classes and certain professors. However, one person truly means the most to me and that is my boyfriend of over two years. We met our first year of college (and couldn’t stand each other…), but near the end of our sophomore year, we both realized something was there. From that point on, we were inseparable.

Until now. Now, we’re in a long distance relationship (me in California, him in St. Louis, MO). I never thought I would be one of those long distance kinda girls, but with him, I’d rather be in a long distance relationship than to not have him in my life. Not only is he my best friend, but he truly is the best boyfriend I could ever ask for. But I’m not going to lie – it’s hard going from being so close to each other to being so far apart (we’re nearly two thousand miles away from each other).

While I’m happy to be able to talk to him on the phone and on Skype (and to visit him as much as I can), I realize how special that time in college was. It was so much easier back then. And that goes across the board with all kinds of relationships whether they are romantic or not. I know I’m not the only one struggling with this. College couples are dispersed across the United States, along with college best friends, roommates, and party buddies. I read the status updates all the time ,“Wishing I was in Denver with my boyfriend,” and Twitter updates, “Drinking …wish my college girls were with me.” All of those college relationships that become so much a piece of us are for the most part changed upon graduation. We all throw our cap and gowns, and then it’s like “bye” – sometimes forever.

And I think this is just one of those things that makes being a new post-grad all the more difficult. We’re moving on from college, and in this most difficult transition the people who mean the most to us aren’t here with us. And we need them. So, not only are we adjusting to not having those special people around us, but we are adjusting to everything else – on our own. Sometimes it feels lonely and scary, and sometimes it feels bittersweet. Regardless though, it never makes you stop missing the people you spent the last four years or so with.

I know I’m not the only one feeling this loss so, I’m wondering … how are you keeping in touch with your boyfriends (or maybe even your ex-boyfriends), your best friends, your sorority sisters, your lab partner from sophomore year, and anyone else that means the world to you? What are you doing to make it work? To feel a little more connected?

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