Addressing the Demi Lovato Backlash

To our wonderful (and outspoken) readers,

Like many of you, we were really upset yesterday to see that Demi Lovato had to leave her tour and check herself into to a treatment center for unspecified reasons. Self mutilation, eating disorders, and general self-esteem issues aren’t a joke and we don’t find them funny. That’s why we cover these topics on a regular basis in a serious way.

So when we asked a writer to talk about Demi and her relation to the Disney curse, we were not attempting to turn her problems into a laughing matter. We were instead, pointing out the obvious. Several of the successful Disney teen stars have ended up going to rehab for a variety of problems. It’s undeniable that it’s related to being a child star. Being a teenager is hard enough — let alone being a teenager in the national spotlight.

Disney turns these regular children into super-humans. 14 year-olds are expected to keep up the perfect Disney image, to be national role models while living in one of the most unhealthy environments in the country. So when a Disney star decides she’s done being a Disney girl, she has to go to extremes to break out of that mold. Demi went to extremes. And now she’s in a treatment center.

And we weren’t the only site to question this relationship. The NY Post did, Jezebel did, E! did.

We’re sorry people misunderstand our goal and we’re sorry for offending our readers. But we’re not sorry for writing about the Disney curse.

The CC Staff

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