15 Most Controversial CollegeCandy Posts Ever


All of the CollegeCandy writers are strong, smart and…er…opinionated people. So we’re not surprised when some of our blogs turn into heated battlegrounds.  But unlike some other sites, we don’t let this scare us.  In fact, we take pride in our super-opinionated writers AND readers. After all, that’s the whole point of CollegeCandy — a place where every college girl gets her voice heard.

So to honor those voices and give you, our opinionated readers, a chance to raise yours once more, we’re bringing you the 15 most controversial CollegeCandy posts of all time. (Well, besides our most recent commentary on Demi Lovato. That wound’s still fresh.)

Break out the claws, ladies!

1. Trying To Understand The Curvy Girl Backlash
By CC Staff
Actually a response to a previous post’s backlash, this post tackled the body image debate that is getting everyone’s panties in a bunch.  The point is raised that va-va-voom celebs like Salma Hayek and Beyonce do not belong in the same category as other women who are a little bigger, like Nikki Blonsky.

2. Taylor Swift Is Really, Super, Totally Overrated
By Lauren
Let’s face it, the girl’s voice is pretty forgettable.  Sure, she’s adorable and wholesome, but why does there have to be a full-on riot every time someone utters a less-than-glowing word against T. Swift?

3. Should I Feel Guilty That I Can Afford An Unpaid Internship?
By: CC Staff
Unpaid internships are kind of the best (and only) way to get your foot in the door for so many careers these days, so why should any of us feel guilty if we have to ask our parents for financial help while we work hard to ensure a future career?

4. Young and Broke: I’m Paying For My Own Education
By: Sarabeth
Sarabeth pays her hefty college tuition – it’s a struggle, but click to see why she’s grateful for this.

5. The Lady Gaga Look Is Getting Old
By: Alex
Most people think Lady Gaga can do no wrong. Some people think wearing a filet mignon hat is definitely wrong don’t.  Call us crazy, but we think it’s okay to disagree with the masses.

5. Greek Speak: Why You Should (And Shouldn’t) Go Greek
By: Sorority Girl
Sororities aren’t for everyone, but some people get a lot out of them. Our Sorority Girl along with a panel of sorority women present both viewpoints.

6. 10 Things We Wish Guys Knew
By: Laura
Our version of Cosmo’s famed column.  Apparently, not everyone agrees with us.

7. Single Girl Hits Rock Bottom
By: Lauren
Being single is great, but sometimes the single-girl diet isn’t so great for our waistlines…or self-esteem.

8. Perez Hilton Is A Hypocrite
By: Laura
Perez is a hater.  And if you’re a hater, you can’t be a hater hater too.

9. Movies Guaranteed To Make You Cry
By: Mazuba
(Confession: A Walk To Remember is playing as I write this.) We break down some of the movies that do it for us whenever we need a good sob-fest.  What are your go-to tearjerkers?

10. I, Slut: Girl-On-Girl Name Calling
By:  Sara O
Just because a girl has a lot of sex, don’t call her a slut.  Or, if you must, think about what you’re really saying first.

11. Why Are Girls So Mean To Each Other?
By: Elizabeth
Why do girls love to hate on each other?  No, seriously, why?

12. Ask A Dude: My Ex Won’t Be My Friend.
By: The Dude
A guy’s (brutally) honest answer to this eternal question.

13. The 30 Most Overrated Guys In Hollywood
By: CC Staff
No offense to these dudes, but we’re just not seeing it.

14. The Dating Double Standard
By: Jill
When guys do it, they’re precious.  When we do it, we’re clingers.  What’s the deal?

15. Weekly Ten: The Top Ten Reasons I Am Hating Hipsters
By: Melanie
We don’t hate you because you’re a hipster.  We hate you because we can’t tell if you’re straight. And handlebar mustaches are gross.

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The Starting Line: I’m a Little Lost
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