The Know: Happy One Year, Rachel Zoe!

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Last week, when nothing good was on TV and I couldn’t bare to watch the same episodes of Jersey Shore, Keeping Up With The Kardashians or the Real Housewives yet again, I decided to peruse my cable guide for something new to strike my fancy.

And strike it did. There, on the guide, I saw everyone’s favorite stylist Rachel Zoe hosting a show on….QVC? Huh? What? Isn’t QVC for grandmas who watch while they’re knitting on Friday nights? Intrigued, I turned it on. I mean, I’ve never watched QVC before (because I don’t knit), but you know what I have watched? The Rachel Zoe Project. And that shiz is good. That woman knows style unlike anyone else and if she’s hawking goods, even on QVC, I want ’em.

So I tuned in and by the end of that hour I had to hold myself back from calling in and spending my life savings. The faux-fur vests; the adorable, oversize handbags; the must-have gold snake bracelet! The list of Rachel Zoe designed fabulosity goes on and on.

Many of you RZP fans might already know about Rachel’s line for QVC, but did you know that last week she celebrated her one-year anniversary with a whole stock of new items to go “bananas” over? Or that, since most of us are too busy studying (er—drinking?) to actually watch QVC, it’s all available online.

Well now you do.

And while it’s not Forever 21 cheap, it’s not overly expensive either, and every item looks QUALITY. You are totes getting the Rachel Zoe look minus the ridonkulous prices that the Queen of Chanel spends on her own threads and accessories.

Check it out – I promise you will “die.” In a MAJOR way.

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