Wardrobe Wish List: Lucky Brand Black Crystal Snake Ring

I’m pining over something a little different this week. It’s a little outside my comfort zone, and that’s exactly why I’m in love.  It’s not a plunging neckline or a skimpy skirt, it’s actually a super cool ring.

So you think a ring that gets me a little nervous makes me boring? I’d have to disagree. There’s nothing wrong with playing on the safe side of fashion. For me, it’s finding ways of adding things into my wardrobe that are cooler than I think I am without necessarily having the major shock value. I like to get a subtle response out of people, whether it’s an approving double take or a friend that tells me something I own is awesome.

A ring that’s a little risky for me is a great way for me to get a reaction- I’d rather everyone was staring at the risk on my finger than a risk that’s risqué.

This dark, gemmed snake ring is the kind of accessory I would see on a girl on campus who I envied because she was effortlessly cool and edgy. I can picture myself as that girl when I see this ring, the snake twisted around a finger that’s curled around a cup of coffee, probably in the company of some hipsters playing guitar and killing everyone around them with their coolness.

OK, so maybe this ring isn’t going to change who I am, and I’m not hoping it will either. What makes the ring such a desirable object for me is that’s it’s not something I would usually drool over. It’s not exactly my style, and I like to invest in pieces that I can wear often, that are generic and go with everything. While that philosophy can make your bang for your wardrobe buck go pretty far, it can get a little monotonous (so maybe it does make me a tad of a snooze, you win).

An outfit supplement like this is the perfect way to make your ensemble a little edgier without you having to change your personal style. A small detail like an unexpected ring, when paired with either casual campus sweats or a knock-out dress, gives you an interesting edge that keeps your style from falling flat. The mysterious slithering snake will be the attention grabber, and the intricate placing of gems will keep it.

So branch out a little, try a wardrobe staple like this ring that may not be your thing. Make sure to flash the adorned finger around a bit (as long as it’s not worn on your middle appendage) and just wait for adoration and envy to commence.

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