Your Brand Spankin’ New November Pre-Party Playlist

Oh kids, do I have something special for you this month! Spectacular things are going on in the world of music right now. I scroll through my iTunes store and favorite music blogs and just get hit again and again with great new song after great new song. I can barely keep up!

In case you’ve been too busy cramming for midterms, searching for that perfect Halloween costume, or just getting mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared to head back home for Thanksgiving – here’s a quick recap of pretty much all the exciting news in music you’ve been missing out on. Rest up, peeps; November is gonna be a big month!

-Fabulous artists like Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne, and Chiddy Bang all released albums within the last couple months. Bruno Mars’ new single “Grenade” is especially one to check out.

Rihanna’s fifth studio album, LOUD, is scheduled to be released November 16 and if the rest of the tracks are as hot as her latest single, “Only Girl (In the World),” this albums is going to be killer.

Pink released the first single, “Raise Your Glass,” off her greatest hits collection entitled Greatest Hits… So Far!!!, which is also scheduled to hit stores November 16. (Do I smell a battle of the divas?! Oh wait, that’s just my new shampoo…)

Ke$ha premiered her first single, “We R Who We R,” off her upcoming album Cannibal, which hits stores November 22. If you like Ke$ha (or brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack) at all, you’ll love this one.

-Some other big names in music coming out with albums to watch for this month include: Kid Cudi (on the 9th), Kanye West (on the 22nd), Nicki Minaj (on the 23rd), and the Black Eyed Peas (on the 30th).

Pheww!—almost lost my breath there for a second. Can you handle all of this excitement? The best part about all this is, this music was practically made for drinking. That’s why this month’s pre-party playlist features just some of these artists’ feel-good, totally danceable, totally new tracks and more.

So grab a drink, raise your glass, and then click here for this month’s playlist to–in Pink’s words–“get the party started!”

The Starting Line: I’m a Little Lost
The Starting Line: I’m a Little Lost
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