5 Products That Will Save Your College Life

Contrary to what Animal House and Old School portray, college students lead a very busy and hectic life. And it’s not always easy to manage. Balancing lectures, all-nighters, student groups, on-campus jobs and a social life requires more than just a planner and a fake ID.

Luckily, there are new products popping up faster than next semester’s classes are filling up to make the college student’s life a whole lot easier:

Apple claims there’s an app for everything these days, but I have yet to see one that will actually help us pop our bottles open to get the party started. Thankfully, the iBottleOpener has one built into an iPhone case so you can get your drink on while texting your booty call to join you at the party.

Is there anything worse than chowing down on chips and salsa only to dip your thumb into the salsa again and again? Probably, but it still sucks. Current versions of tortilla chips claim to solve this problem but if my orange-tinted thumbs are any indication, they come up short. Literally. If only they had a handle. Wait! Now they do. Crisis averted.

The Racktrap
We all know accessories can make an outfit but sometimes you just don’t want to carry a purse. What, then, are you supposed to do with all your stuff? It’s not like those leggings come with pockets. Behold: The Racktrap. It keeps all your ish organized…in your bra. If that’s not amazing enough, it comes in lace or a sporty, sweatproof version! (And for those of us not so well-endowed, they add a little cushion for the pushin’.)

Effective Alarm Clock
Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy a kid again by matching blocks and shapes when this alarm goes off. Having to solve a puzzle will definitely get you out of bed….or at least make you earn that extra snooze time.(I imagine it would double as a great drinking game. Just sayin’.)

Nature Calls Toilet Deodorizer Drops
Pooping in public: every college student’s worst nightmare (along with sleeping through an exam and running into a prof during the walk of shame). Not anymore, with these little drops of heaven. Just toss one in the bowl and say TTFN to the smelly embarrassment in the dorm bathroom. Or at a party. Or your date’s apartment.

A Positive Female Role Model for College Girls
A Positive Female Role Model for College Girls
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