A Positive Female Role Model for College Girls

Want to be a classy woman?  Zenyatta could teach you something.  And I’m not talking about the Zenyatta Mondatta 1980 Police album, either. I’m talking about a living, breathing, Guinness drinking lady. Who also happens to be a horse. That’s right, a horse.

Which is more surprising?  The fact I just called a horse classy or the fact I said she drinks one Guinness a day?

When I meet a really classy woman, I can just smell it wafting from her like a spritz of Chanel No. 9.  She presents herself with ease and balance. She lifts her head high but does not turn her nose up at you. She exemplifies sophistication and showcases a confident attitude.

Have you met a classy woman? I’ve met quite a few in my time but none quite like the horsey woman inside the equine goddess, Zenyatta.

Before you go say I’m a crazy person for forcing you to look up to a horse, hear me out.  And follow her amazing story.

If you’re not a horse racing fan like me, you probably have no idea who Zenyatta is, much less what she does.  Let’s start with the basics. She’s a racehorse. But not just any racehorse. In a normal human lifetime, many will not ever see such an extravagant animal like her. She’s absolutely stunning – a deep jet bay with a glorious white stripe down her face.  Her eyes are brown marble – elegant and sharp.  Her hometown is Hollywood and she’s more fabulous than any of those chirpy housewives.

Zenyatta also happens to be one of the few undefeated horses in history, with a flawless career at 19 of 19 wins. Being a lady in a field of men, she’s has proven her strength on the track with stallions and mares. To see a girl racehorse beat out the powerful drive of a stallion – it is beyond impressive. Fillies are not physically built like a stallion. Zenyatta’s victories against the big boys is like watching a woman do a hat-trick in the Stanley Cup Finals or dunking on Michael Jordan in a basketball game.

Besides her powerhouse physique, she has a sassy and confident attitude. Before a race, she dances. That’s right, she actually dances. Like Beyonce, minus the leotard. Watch this video of the pre-race at The Breeders’ Cup (one of the most important races in the world). She arches her neck, rounds her back, puffs out her chest, swishes her tail softly and lifts her front legs high, all the while snorting and twisting her head in the air. Like any strong and independent woman, she has attitude and a little sauce.

The style in which Zenyatta races is classy as well. She sits in the back of the pack (as if not to bother anybody) and explodes come the stretch. She passes horses like they are having lunch and drinking San Pellegrino. Her stride is the size of three massive victory-hungry thoroughbreds, and yet she doesn’t make it look difficult. After she wins, she walks off the track with more energy then she had before. She is absolutely fascinating, stunning, and, despite having four legs, a lady it’s easy to look up to.

And tomorrow, November 6th, Zenyatta is competing in her final race at the 2010 Breeders’ Cup. She’s the undefeated girl, racing against all of the boys and it simply can’t be missed. Whatever you’re doing, I highly suggest you tune in to watch her dance for the crowd before she eats up the track and leaves all those boys in her dust.

Why? Because watching Zenyatta race is more than just a sporting event; she sweats class and lays it all over the racetrack. I think we should all learn a little something from her: to hold our heads up high; to be confident with ourselves; to go for what we want, no matter what obstacles stand in our way; to dance when and where we want.

Sure, Zenyatta may be a horse, but she’s got more class in her little hoof than most of today’s celebs/”role models” put together. She’s a classy broad and an inspiration that we can all learn from…who just happens to have four legs and a tail.

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