Put Your Daylight Savings Time to Good Use

College days are jam-packed and it’s a struggle to fit in studying, drinking, smoking, sexing, protesting, exercising, birth controlling, and sleeping. That’s why Daylight Savings comes as the perfect time. Just when you think you’re all burnt out from the festivities of last weekend and midterm cramming, you get AN EXTRA HOUR.

So instead of using it for something productive (flip your underwear inside out, laundry can wait one more day), spend your extra hour on Sunday watching the best viral videos that our top notch interns could find.

And don’t forget to set those clocks back!

Idiots in Iowa Talk About Gay Marriage


Antoine Dodson: Sex Offender Tracker App


Audrina Patridge’s Mom!


Whip My Hair, Parody!


Thriller Halloween light show


Zach Galifianakis Smokes a Joint on Bill Maher’s Show


One Very Passionate Rant of Love to Pokemon


The Real Housewives of SNL


Voldemort & Death Eaters Take Over Grand Central Station


Terrible Singer Gets Mad at AutoTune


Budget Stylista: Wear Those Shorts Through Winter
Budget Stylista: Wear Those Shorts Through Winter
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