Dina Lohan: The Toxic Parent

It has been almost two months since Lindsay Lohan last tweeted. Why the sudden change in one of Twitter’s biggest fans? Well, as anyone with a beating pulse knows, Lohan has spent the past few weeks at the Betty Ford Center, rehabilitating herself by kicking her addictions.

Lindsay’s mother, Dina, recently appeared on The Today Show to chat with Matt Lauer about her daughter’s status at the Center. Comforting many Americans by informing them of Lindsay’s “relaxed” and “happy” state, Dina then proceeded to discuss Lindsay’s plans to open her own rehab facility.

Wait, what? Yes, you heard Dina correctly. While her daughter is attempting to stay out of the public eye, Dina is going on national programs to give complete strangers the 411 on her daughter’s struggle to recover from extensive alcohol, drug, and social media addictions. And, she is sharing plans (who knows if they were Lindsay’s or Dina’s) to use Lindsay’s celebrity to open a rehab clinic.

Celebrities often use their famous faces to begin new business ventures. There are plenty of perfumes, fashion collections, and alcohol lines with star studded creators. However, this is taking it to an entirely new level of… well, absolute insanity.

Lindsay is still in rehab. She is not fully recovered. She has yet to be in the real world, surrounded by all the temptations that caused her to fail time after time (after time after time). Yet, here her mother sits — on a morning talk show — discussing future plans to use her daughter’s name to promote an agenda to help others pad her wallet.

Beyond Dina’s obviously transparent attempt to keep Lindsay (and therefore herself) relevant lies a truly tragic situation. Just as Lindsay has finally escaped the harsh lens of the paparazzi, her mother drags her back into the spotlight. Dina is more concerned with Lindsay as a name than as a daughter. She wants Lindsay to remain important in Hollywood — or, more realistically, in the tabloids. And, if she had any idea what it meant to be a good mother, she would realize how absolutely twisted and out-of-check her priorities are.

If she fully recovers, Lindsay has the potential to rise above the it-girl, socialite status that has made the likes of the Kardashians and the Hiltons famous. She actually has the ability to act. Yet, her mother seems to constantly forget that.

For a full return to a healthy and happy life, it may be a good idea for Lindsay to consider Elton John’s advice to ditch the family. Dina’s attempt to use her daughter to keep herself famous is not conducive to a full recovery for Lindsay. At the end of the day, it may be Dina that is the most toxic aspect of Lindsay’s life, pushing her toward a full recovery and then pulling her away when personal success is so near.

Rehab is not some fruity fragrance or stylish skirt that can be mass marketed to make millions. It is something that requires attention, time, and copious amounts of sacrifice. And, for Dina to use Lindsay’s struggle (which is far from over) to promote some new PR idea is not only is not only sad, but completely disgusting.

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