10 Reasons to Watch the CMAs Tonight

The CMAs are on ABC tonight at 8 P.M and we’re so pumped to watch it, we’re doing hayrides around the office. Not a country fan? Think again. We have 10 reasons on why you absolutely must watch the 2010 Country Music Awards tonight.

1. THE FASHION! The fashion. I’ll say it again. The CMA fashion! We’re bouncing out of our seats as we think of all the overalls, the dungarees, and the cowboy hats that will be present on stage tonight. Fingers crossed we see some authentic dung-covered cowboy boots go down the red carpet.

2. In the market for a new truck that can go off-roading AND get your kids to soccer practice on time? Look no further because it appears that the Chevy Silverado is sponsoring the show. Finally. A commercial we can’t wait to see over and over and over again. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

3. Babygurl Tay Swifts is one of the few country crossover stars so she’s going to get a lot of camera time tonight. And if her PR people planned it just right, Jakey will be by her side for every camera shot. Because they’re TOTALLY together. Everyone knows that right!?! They’re dating. America’s newest sweethearts — and soon to be Taylor’s newest revenge song inspiration. Yay for love.

4. OMG. I’m freaking out. The shows is being hosted by Carrie Underwood and BADASS Brad Paisley (yeah we have NO idea who that is either).

5. Modern Family isn’t on tonight. So really there’s nothing else to watch besides this. And in case you’ve been studying and skipping your tabloid reading you know that country legend and creepy father of the year Billy Ray Cyrus is getting divorced. So there’s going to be a whole other kinda of family dysfunction going down.

6. You know when you’re driving to school and you hit a patch of highway with, like, no radio stations and your only choices are country and a conservative Christian talk show? After watching the the CMAs you’ll finally LIKE the country station. Well not, like, like-like, but, like, recognize the music. It won’t be long before you’re tapping your hand on the steering wheel to the soulful crooning of Keith Urban (he’s a country singer right?!).

7. Leann Rimes, America’s favorite home wrecker, will be handing out the very first award of the night in front of a live (and if that whole Shape Magazine cover debacle is any indication of her popularity, probably booing) audience. It will be like the Ashley Simpson Super Bowl show all over again! Do you want to be the only person who didn’t catch it live?

8. Our gal pal, Taylor Swift is nominated for vocalist of the year (and loyal CC readers know we totes agree with this nomination), so that means you’ll get another chance to see her her “oh I’m so shocked I won!” face.

9. Kid Rock will be performing. And Kelly Clarkson. And Gwyneth Paltrow?! Can a movie star born and raised in Los Angeles do country? You’re gonna have to tune in to find out.

10. We’re live blogging the entire awards show with one of our favorite celebrity sites, Crushable.com. So grab some moonshine and join us at 8:00 P.M (E.S.T) for a good old country music bashing celebration.

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