Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is Fierce in Fur

[Welcome to Celebrity Chic on the Cheap, where our style guru takes a celebrity look and breaks it down for you, our poor college fashionista. What does that mean? It means that while the celebrities (like the sexiest mom alive, Halle Berry) are spending $5,000 on an ensemble you don’t have to.]

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. If her incredibly gorgeous-yet-pretentious name doesn’t sound familiar to you yet, it will be by next summer. She is taking over Megan Fox’s role as the “scantily-clad hot girl who shrieks and makes out with Shia LaBeouf” in the next Transformers movie (yes, ANOTHER one).

She also works as a Victoria’s Secret angel and as the current face of Burberry. So she’s basically the latest in a line of pretty girls who get paid to be pretty. I can’t help but like her for that reason alone.

No, that’s a total lie. I also like her because her personal style is so elegant, classic, trendy, and fabulous.

Product Information: Fur Vest – Macy’s, $24.99; Leather Jacket – Macy’s, $34.99; Ankle PantsForever 21, $17.80; Tunic – Forever 21, $10.50; Boots – Alloy, $46.90;

I’m going to start by defending an outfit that includes a (faux, obvs) fur vest. It is a total statement piece that elevates this outfit to exciting, dramatic, flamboyant heights. We at CollegeCandy have lauded and totally dissed the fur vest, but I have to land on the side of “fur is f-ing awesome.” However, this outfit would still look amazing without it, so feel free to roll your eyes at my enthusiasm for Cruella DeVille-like accessories.

Moving on, I’m still obsessed with leather jackets, and I love this cropped one with zipper accents. Rosie chose a plain black top to wear underneath, but (especially if fur vests are not your thing), a bright colorful top would add a great burst of color to this very muted outfit. I’m loving the gray skinny pants, a slightly dressier alternative to your fave skinny jeans. Finish off the look with these tall, slouchy wedge boots that are so Serena van der Woodsen-y (laidback, casual, but still polished).

A form-fitted ensemble like Rosie’s is perfect for when you’re tired of covering your super fit self in 98 layers, but you still need to stay warm, and still look absolutely stunning.

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