11 Biggest Celeb Crushes of Your Teenage Years [GALLERY]

Does anyone remember going to the grocery store with Mama in your younger years and rushing for the Capri Sun, and (most importantly) the Teen Bop magazine that provided you with all of the yummy screen shots of Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic and Romeo and Juliet?

I do.

In fact, I remember making my babysitter look through the entire magazine with me every time she came over so I could talk about how I was going to meet Leo one day, and we were going to get married.  My babysitter did not have to worry about playing Barbie-and-Ken-take-Miami with me.  All they had to worry about was my heart self-combusting with love and excitement in the presence of a shiny photo of Leo.  I hope my mother payed her overtime.

Therefore, in ode to Leonardo’s birthday week,  we are going to talk about our biggest celeb crushes of our teenage years.  After all, these are the first guys that made us want to learn to french kiss.

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The Starting Line: Ready to Go Home
The Starting Line: Ready to Go Home
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