Wardrobe Wish List: Anthropologie Gams Games Tights

I’ve been afraid of patterned tights since Gossip Girl made them such a trend. They look a tad bit tricky to pull off, which so makes me want to be the one who can pull them off perfectly.  Now that it’s just chilly enough that bare legs are gawked at but a winter coat is on hold until someone gets if for you for Christmas (hey mom!), tights are an affordable accessory that can keep your gams both warm and fashionable.

Enter the Gams Games Tights form Anthropologie. A very detailed floral pattern makes the flowers in the thigh area look like they were meant to be that large, not like they’re stretched out by the unfortunate truth that thighs are bigger than calves (especially after a few too many late-night pizza binges). The detail is also so becoming and shadowy enough that you won’t look like you wallpapered your legs, an unfortunate byproduct of some other floral tights.

There aren’t a lot of pieces out there that you can wear on any given occasion that can be considered wearable art – unless you’re Lady Gaga. These not only look like an artist sketched them onto your legs with the grey colors and shading details, but they’re the simplest way to add a wow factor to a plain, tailored dress or a tired plain skirt.

With frigid cruelty around the corner in December, these tights offer some warmth before you need your snow pants to dig your car out of campus parking. They’re great for pairing with your Uggs that never look right with your jeans tucked in when headed to class or with a pair of solid brightly colored heels (closed toed, always closed toed!) for a dressier occasion.

Added bonus? Patterned tights make it much more difficult to see a snag than their trendy cousin the opaque black tights. Just keep in mind that the ripped up look Taylor Momsen tried really hard to make cool is never going to happen, so two snags and its time to toss, ladies.

No amount of clear nail polish can save the look at that point.

My Dream Dorm Checklist
My Dream Dorm Checklist
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