Gossip Cheat Sheet: Preggo Pink! Kanye’s Outrageous

I don’t know why I still act surprised when something crazy happens with celebrities.  It’s not really shocking anymore, but some things do give me a “if this shizz didn’t happen all the time, I might be surprised” kind of vibe.  This week Lindsay Lohan seems to be doing well in rehab, Kanye lost it once again, celebs are pregnant, and Taylor Swift is still with Jake Gyllenhaal (and still can’t sing).

Giant Slurpee

1. Kanye West lost it this week after an interview with Matt Lauer on The Today Show about his comments on George W. Bush.  Matt did a long interview with the former president, where he revealed that Kanye calling him a racist “was one of the most disgusting moments of [his] presidency.”  So when Matt talked to Kanye about the situation, he freaked out.  Then he took to his Twitter for a meltdown saying that Matt tried to force his answers (in all caps mind you) and many other outrageous tweets.  Someone needs to get Kanye a sedative.

2.  Is Pink! pregnant? Rumors say yes!  The rock/pop star and husband, Carey Hart, are possibly expecting their first child!  Although the couple has made no official statement, sources are claiming this rumor is true.  Good Day L.A. host Jillian Reynolds tweeted to Pink! that she’s so happy for the couple, and Carey spilled the beans on the baby!  Hopefully we’ll find out the truth soon enough because these two would have one seriously talented child.

3. Taylor Momsen blames her parents for her attitude and craziness.  In a recent interview, Taylor said her parents put her in a Ford modeling agency when she was two, so that’s to blame for her um, interesting, behavior.  Really?  You seemed just fine when you were playing Cindy Lou Who and Little J.  But honestly, where are her parents?

4. Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig? No, sorry!  Shortly after Rachel split from longtime boyfriend Darren Aronofsky, rumors flew that she was getting down with 007.  Well, she’s not.  A source says that they’ve been friends for a very long time since their days in theater together.  Plus, Daniel Craig is engaged to producer Satsuki Mitchell.

5. Is John Mayer’s new lady Giada de Laurentiis? Not even close according to both sides!  This story came out of nowhere from Star magazine where a supposed eyewitness saw the two together in New York.  Well, Giada is married and happily so according to her, and John Mayer’s camp denied the claim as well.  Hey tabloids, please do some research thanks!

Mini Sample

1. Newlywed and mom Kendra Wilkinson’s recent Playboy cover isn’t so recent after all!  Turns out the shoot in the magazine is actually from a few years ago before the bombshell left the mansion (sneaky!).

2. 50 Cent was spotted this week visiting rumored girlfriend Chelsea Handler on her set.  Things have been so sketchy between these two, what’s happening?!

3. Michelle Williams, star of Blue Valentine with Ryan Gosling, stands by the film as it is even though it received an NC-17 rating.  Harvey Weinstein is appealing the decision to get an R, but Michelle doesn’t want it to be edited!  I want to see how it got an NC-17 in the first place, that’s scandalous!

4. Lindsay Lohan has been seen spending time with her father Michael Lohan while in rehab, and things are looking good.  The actress has been granted permission from her doctors to do a photo shoot next week.  We’re pulling for you lady!

5.  In honor of ABC Family’s Harry Potter marathon: here’s Daniel Radcliffe looking hot on his new film, The Woman In Black.

College… Quidditch?
College… Quidditch?
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