Weekly Wrap Up: Is It Time To Go Home Yet!?

Gwyneth Paltrow sang country, Lindsay Lohan and her father have been hanging out, John Mayer has moved on to married women…what hasn’t happened this week!?  Trending topics this week have ranged from the slightly surprising (come on, it was only a matter of time before John lost ALL his morals) to the immensely bizarre.

Once again, we’ve been on the scene to help you sort through all the insanity and stir up discussion on hot button issues.  Here’s the rundown of what you should be talking about:

-Getting a little sick of those daily Pumpkin Spice Lattes? We’ve got 15 other ways to indulge in everyone’s favorite gourd.

-Rosie Huntington-Whitely has a crazy name and spectacular style.  Get her fabulous fur-trimmed look on the cheap.  But will you be going faux or keeping it real?

-Whether you want to admit it or not, reality TV has changed made a significant impact upon our generation and society as a whole.  Read up on the ten most influential “real” shows of all time.

-Another dirty secret our generation has?  Internet stalking.  An anonymous blogger shares the 411 here on how to do it right…and get results!  (And don’t act all creeped out.  You know you’re going to be trying these tricks ASAP.)

OMGZ texting is going 2 kill U.

-And sexting is going to potentially kill your reputation.  Basically, it’s not as innocent as we all thought…

-Live dangerously with texting, but don’t mess around with your health.  Just because Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over, it doesn’t mean you can stop checkin’ out your tatas.

-Mental health is also muy imporante.  So you’ve graduated and things aren’t quite where you’d like them to be.  Six months out is a hard landmark to pass.  Here’s how to make it go by a little smoother.

-The elections are over, but the political battles are still underway.  What does all this mean for you? We’ve broken it down Cliff’s Notes style.

-Speaking of battles, hold yourself back from tossing sharpened pencils at one of these annoying classmates.

-Homeboy won’t let this college girl live her life.  What’s a coed to do?  See how our resident Dude weighs in on this not-so-hard one.  Tough love, ladies.  Tough love.

Whew. I need a break. And my mom’s cooking. And my grandma’s cooking. And a shower that doesn’t require footwear….

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Gossip Cheat Sheet: Preggo Pink! Kanye’s Outrageous
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