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Dude Movies or Undercover Chick Flicks?


Recently, our buddies at constructed a pretty impressive list of the ‘Top 350+ Must-Have Movies for Every Man Cave.’  Between watching over 350 movies and bumping chests, where did they find the time to create such a list?

But that’s neither here nor there. The real issue with this list is that, after intensely reviewing it (and wasting a good hour of my day that could have been spent shaving my legs…which really need it), it seems that a lot of “dude movies” that bros hold near and dear to their mustachioed hearts are really just chick flicks in disguise!

Yes, behind all the fart jokes, drug trafficking, and occasional airborne Porsches, these flicks are basically muscled up girl movies.

[Click on any image to start the gallery.]

If I could eat toast and watch Shark Week all day, every day, my life would exceed perfection status.