The Weekly Ten: Best Movie Kisses of All Time

On Wednesday, I sat down after a long day of work, classes, and caffeine to find the only thing that could turn my day around waiting for me. My Glamour magazine had arrived. Eagerly, I sat down to indulge in some horoscope reading and horror story retelling. But before I even reached the cover story on Fergie I was sidetracked by something else entirely.

Glamour had listed their top six movie kisses of all time. And I have to say, I was a little disappointed.

The kisses they chose were certainly swoon worthy, but I didn’t think all of them deserved a top spot. And there were other kisses that were most definitely missing. Lots of kisses missing. Kisses that needed to be mentioned. So I selflessly spent hours and hours poring over YouTube video after YouTube video to compose this list for you, my top ten movie kisses of all time.

10. Jack and Rose, Titanic. Leo has come a long way since his days of freezing to death alongside a glacier, but I don’t think our generation will ever let him forget his days as a teen heart drop. This kiss, though not particularly impressive, sums up our teeny bopper days perfectly. It’s nostalgic and sweet and we’ll never let go.

9. Blane and Andie, Pretty in Pink. This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one Brat Pack shout out. And for me at least, it couldn’t be anything other than this movie. That final scene in the parking lot when Jack and Andie reunite at the senior prom after a huge fight just epitomizes everything I love and hate about teen angst and chick flicks. It’s cheesy and incredibly cliché but I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish something like that had happened at my high school prom.

8. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, Pride and Prejudice. Maybe it’s just the literature geek in me, but I find the kiss between Darcy and Elizabeth at the end of the 2007 adaption of Pride and Prejudice to be so romantic. It’s not particularly passionate or steamy, but it’s intimate all the same. It’s a kiss viewers have been waiting for throughout the entire movie. The buildup-from the angry rain arguments, to the subtle hand holding, to the forehead touching makes it totally worthy it.

7. Edward and Vivian, Pretty Woman. This one is here more for the dialogue that accompanies the kiss than the kiss itself, but I still felt like it needed to be mentioned. Richard Gere’s character has just climbed up a fire escape to get to Julia Roberts even though he’s desperately afraid of heights. He reaches Vivian and asks, “So what happens after her climbs up and rescues her?”  She says, “She rescues him right back.”  Then they kiss.

6. Edward and Bella, New Moon. I debated putting this one on here, really I did. Because there’s just so much “OMGz” drama that comes along with anything Twilight related. It reminds me of screaming teenage girls and Robert Pattinson’s hair, and Kristen Stewart’s inability to smile (and lots of articles I read in my feminism class last semester). But I put all of that aside, and I’m asking you to do the same. Because that kiss they shared at the end of New Moon, that was hot.

5. Lady and Tramp, Lady and the Tramp. I can never hear the lyrics to “That’s Amore” without thinking of these two. Just the sweetness and innocence of these two little dogs sharing meatballs and slurping on the same piece of spaghetti is too adorable for words. Cutest kiss ever.

4. Peter and Mary Jane, Spiderman. If it’s iconic enough for Seth and Summer to reenact on The OC, then its iconic enough to make this list. Upside down and in the rain, that kiss had every girl wanting to meet Toby McGuire in a dark alley.

3. Rhett and Scarlett, Gone With the Wind. Plastered on every movie poster ever made for this movie, this one is a classic. Against a bright red and orange sunset, Scarlett kisses Rhett just before he goes off to war. These two may not have a happy ending, but this kiss almost makes that worth it.

2. Fred and Holly, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I apologize to those of you who are not fans of Audrey, but this kiss just had to be here. It had to. Its Audrey and George, looking fabulous in their trench coats, as rain comes down around them and they scream about not belonging to anyone at all. Then, all of a sudden they’re professing their undying love for one another. And kissing. This is the stuff of romance, folks.

1. Noah and Allie, The Notebook. I tried to be objective when ranking these kisses. But before I even sat down to write this, I knew Noah and Allie were going to be my number one. When I think of movie kisses, this is what I think of.  In my opinion nothing can quite compare. I mean first off, it’s raining, and second of all they’re fighting, and third, these two have been pining away for each other for years.  All that pent up emotion, and anger and passion finally explode. In the best way possible. They just can’t be beat. Period. The end. Cue the hot sex.

I don’t know about you ladies, but Sixpence None the Richer’s Kiss Me is on repeat in my head right now. And I’m just going to go with it…and maybe head over to YouTube and check out some of those movie clips again.


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