The Post-Grad Journey: Can We Get Our Own Reality Show?

Everyone has a story. And while my post-grad journey has so far revolved around moving to California, interning, working odd jobs here and there, and studying for the LSAT to attend law school next year, I know that my story isn’t a typical after-college route. In fact, I don’t think there is a typical after-college route, which is why life after college is so exciting and so scary. It varies from person to person and it’s difficult for every individual post-grad to gauge their success when there’s nothing to compare it to.

Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m living a different post-grad life than I am. I even sometimes think about marketing post-grad stories to Bravo or MTV because everyone I know seems to have their own story. Some lives are more stressful than others, and some are boring. Some people are still strictly obsessed with college and continue to spend the majority of their new existence going back. Some post-grads are completely different than a year ago.

But they are all interesting in their own right.

I know my personal experience, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking and wondering about other post-grad scenarios. For example:

The Working Girl: Since I haven’t joined the work force, I can’t help but dream about what it would be like if I was working 9 to 5 every day, sitting in a cubicle, wear high heels and black dress pants, and eating soggy sandwiches for lunch. And then I wonder if any of it would be like that anyways. Would I be happy or bored or content? Who knows.

The Grad Student: Imagine if I was writing this CollegeCandy series as a first year graduate student, whether it was for law school or some other graduate program, I wonder if I would be swamped with work or bored with my classes. I’m sure I would be writing about my classmates and the transition into a higher education setting outside of college. Would I even consider myself a post-grad if I was in school?

The Gap Year: And then there’s the daydream of taking what is known as a gap year abroad. I could have spent the summer in South Africa with my sister, traveling through Capetown, having monkeys on Table Mountain open my car door and dig in my purse. Or I could have gone to Thailand and done some undercover journalism there on the sex trafficking. Or I could have gone to Europe and ate my way through one country to the next, putting on twenty pounds as I tore through croissants and crepes and macaroons and pretzels.

The lessons I would learn in each of these scenarios would be different, and the ups and the downs would vary – however, they would still exist regardless of the reality. While college generally was a more hands-on experience (with professors and parents and friends and Greek life and grades influencing everything), I love post-grad because it’s just me flying solo and teaching myself as much as I can. But really … I wish I had a TV show to live vicariously through my other fellow post-grads.

While the reality of my life right now could have been a variety of different options, I can’t help but think this route is the one for me. And the route that other post-grads go down is the one for them. But wouldn’t it be cool if all our stories could be collected? Seriously … if those 16 and Pregnant girls can get their own hour, I think every post-grad story is worth an hour too.

So, my fellow CollegeCandy readers, we may not have our own reality show, but I still want to know … what are you planning your post-grad to be or what is the reality of your post-grad life today? We all have a story to tell, and I want to hear yours!

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