In Our Makeup Bag: Too Faced Lashgasm

Is it just me or is there another “revolutionary” new makeup product introduced every freaking day?! Just walking into Ulta or Sephora (or even Walgreens!) sends many chicas into fits of hysteria, reaching for the nearest brown bag to regulate their breathing. It’s all so overwhelming.

So how can you know which product – among the sea of thousands – is the best? Which does what you need it to do? Which ones are worth the extra money? Let me help. I don’t know every beauty product out there, but I’ve tested a lot of them and I’ll let you know which are worth the money and which are not.

What it is: Too Faced Lashgasm Mascara

Why this should be in your bag
Mascara is such a makeup necessity. In my opinion, it makes the biggest difference out of all makeup products. Long, lush lashes are such a girly feature and they really make everyone look prettier. However, I’m picky with my mascara. I find lots of brands fill theirs with so many chemicals that either my lashes get “burnt” off or they clump together like mad. I’m fairly faithful to my mascara brand, but will never say no to trying another out!

Too Faced Lashgasm is described as a “voluptuous, fluffing mascara.” It’s designed to give you big, volume-filled lashes and uses a special flexi-firm brush to do so. It’s actually pretty cool – this brush literally sticks to your lashes, making sure every last one gets a good coat!

How to use it
Another often overlooked beauty product is the eyelash curler. Seriously, an absolute god-send. If you don’t have one, stop reading (okay, finish reading, I know you can’t resist) and GO GET ONE! It doesn’t have to be too pricey, Revlon makes decent ones for under 10 bucks.

Start by curling your lashes. Then, apply Lashgasm, using a zig-zag motion. I found the zig-zag made a HUGE difference for this particular mascara. Also, don’t pump your wand – it sends air into the tube and makes your mascara expire faster!

(Before – just liner & curled lashes)

(After – Lashgasm on top lashes. WOW!)

CC Rating: A+
You can see for yourself in the before and after photos that this one is a keeper with a capital “K”. Not only did it exponentially increase the length of my already-long lashes, it also added volume and a sexy, black smolder.

Lashgasm is also priced fairly reasonably, as far as high-end mascaras go. You get 0.4oz for $21, while Diorshow will run you $24 for 0.38oz and Benefit’s Bad Gal is $19 for 0.30oz.

Too Faced Lashgasm is definitely giving my holy grail mascara a run for its money! If you’re in the market for a new mascara or just looking to spice up your makeup bag, look no further than Lashgasm.

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