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Gossip Cheat Sheet: Why Would You Cheat On Eva Longoria?!


We all know how quickly things happen in Hollywood, and this week is no exception. One day you’re happily married, the next day your husband is sexting other women. We all know how that is, right?

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1. Eva Longoria has filed for divorce from husband Tony Parker.  This surprising news came out after several days of her publicists saying the rumors were false, but Eva tweeted the news herself.  Apparently, Tony was sending inappropriate texts to his former teammate’s wife! Yikes, that’s a major no-no.  Sad news, but I’m pretty sure Eva will have someone new and better soon enough.  Who the heck would cheat on her?!  She can wear a jacket without pants for goodness sakes!

2. Rachel Zoe is preggers!  The fabulous fashionista has finally admitted she’s pregnant.  We’ve been speculating for the past few months, and now we know for sure!  Rachel tweeted that she and hubby Rodger are “beyond excited.”  Congrats!!  I bet this baby will have the most fantastic outfits and beat out Suri for best dressed kid.

3. Teen Mom, Amber Portwood, has been charged with two counts of felony and a misdemeanor for domestic violence against baby daddy, Gary Shirley.  Amber has responded saying the reports are false and without proof that Leah was there, she can’t be charged for a felony.  MTV has handed over all footage to the authorities in cooperation.  If convicted, Amber faces a $10,000 fine and up to three years in jail.

4. Famous Hollywood publicist, Ronni Chasen, was murdered this week. This is such a strange and sad incident, and investigators are baffled.  Ronni was driving home after attending the “Burlesque” premiere and was shot in the chest five times before crashing into a pole.  She was brought to Cedars-Sinai where she was pronounced dead.  So sad, our thoughts are with her family and friends.

5. Former American Idol, Chris Daughtry and his wife Deanna had twins!  The couple had fraternal twins, Adalynn Rose and Noah James, through a surrogate.  Congrats, you two! Deanna already has a 13-year-old and 11-year-old from a previous marriage.

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1. Mischa Barton has a reality show?  Sadly, this is true.  The starlet wants to be portrayed in a more positive light, so what better way to do that than to have your own show. Sigh. We just want to remember her as Marissa Cooper.

2. Toy Story 3 is gunning for Best Picture at the Academy Awards!  While there’s a separate category for animated pictures, the Pixar team figures, why not? No animated film has ever won for Best Picture, but it looks like Toy Story 3 definitely has a shot.

3. Paranormal Activity 3 is coming next Halloween.  No! Stop it, we don’t need anymore of these scary movies. More Pixar, please!

4. Get excited: Flava Flav is launching is own lines of flavored vodka and fried chicken! Yeah boii!!!

5. Matthew Morrison is so hot I can’t stand it! [Editor Note: neither can we…more topless vaporubs please]