Robotripping, Four Loko, and Other Ridic Ways College Kids Get Messed Up

It’s not difficult to get messed up in college. Keg shells line frat house walls and liquor seems to flow freely from faucets. Yet, students continuously resort to more creative techniques to make their heads spin.


Most likely a combination of increasingly high tolerances and general boredom. But, the new frontiers they are exploring are not only dangerous, but straight up bizarre.

CollegeCandy has compiled a list of the 6 wackiest (and not recommended) ways to get effed up. Seriously, coming from a bunch of girls who enjoy Franzia for breakfast, we do not condone these actions.

Apparently, this old technique of getting a quick high is making a comeback. Robotrippers chug cough syrup to hit their desired peak. I remember seeing this on an episode of Popular back in the day and thinking it was the dumbest thing I had ever heard…I hated cough medicine! Ten years later, I still find it ridiculous.

Four Loko
The newest controversial malt beverage, Four Loko has caused quite a commotion amongst media outlets. With flavors from Watermelon to Blue Raspberry, they fuel students with a combination of alcohol and stimulants. Some students can handle the power of the Loko, but most cannot. Dubbed “blackout in a can,” students turn to these drinks to get drunk fast. Personally, I think Four Loko tastes like battery acid in a can. I’ll stick to an RBV, please.

Is sucking the nitrous oxide out of whipped cream cans for a few-second high worth the brain cells you’re killing in the process (not to mention all that deliciousness you’re wasting)? Probably not.

Vodka Tampons
Yes, you heard right. There are some girls that will soak tampons with vodka and insert them down there. Ick, the thought of that makes me cringe. The alcohol then enters the blood stream immediately, allowing for a calorie-free drunk. In the process, though, it absolutely tears apart the vagina. Also, its much more difficult to gauge how much alcohol you are consuming, making the entire practice even more dangerous.

Once, a friend was shaking some martinis and the shaker opened, splashing the contents all over me. Burnett’s vodka flooded my eye. It was absolutely painful. Apparently, some people are pouring vodka into their eyes voluntarily. This gets you drunk faster, although it can lead to “clotting of the blood vessels, constantly watering eyes and even deterioration of eyesight.” So sick, bro.

Butt Bong
Ew, I am grossed out by even typing those words. But, apparently some people have tried to get drunk by pouring beer into their anus. WTF.

How about we all stick to solo cups/shot glasses paired with some Natty Ice, Jose Cuervo, or other strong (but normal) beverages of choice and call it a day? Remember party people: the only orifice you should be using to drink is your mouth.

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