Weekly Wrap Up: So Close To Turkey Day

Can we all just agree that this week never even happened?  I mean, really, did it?  It seems like everyone’s been tying up loose ends and preparing for the madness that will be next week.  Here at CollegeCandy, it’s been no exception.

Whether you’re eager to get home and enjoy some home cookin’ for the first time in months or are dreading sitting at a table with twenty of your closest relatives, we’ve taken the time to prepare you for just about anything!  After all, those Thanksgiving dinner rolls can be just as deadly than a nosy aunt.

Sure it’s not the healthiest holiday, but those green beans aren’t sooo bad for you, are they?  Guess again!

Try beating the holiday bulge by pre-planning your plate.

You’re studying what? Gosh golly, why ever wouldn’t you just go into medicine like your father?”  Thanks grandma.

Whether your blood’s boiling or the wine’s flowing, avoid these Thanksgiving partyfouls. (Oh and CLICK THE LINK TO WIN A PRIZE!)

Need to distress after T-Day?  Make the most of your time at home with these great chill out tips.

And don’t forget to brush up on your “guy speak” for when you get back to campus!

If you want to get a jump start on some Christmas shopping, take a peek at these sensational candles that we just looove.

Got some down time?  Don’t forget, part one of the final Harry Potter movie is now in theaters!  Take a walk with us down memory lane…

…Or just snag a copy of one of these dude-tested, girl-approved flicks.  Hotties with guns, inappropriate humor, woman problems, and/or daredevil sensibilities?  Sign me up!

Remember, we’re looking for some wonderful interns to write for us this Winter/Spring semester!  Whatcha waitin’ for?  Start emailing!

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Gossip Cheat Sheet: Why Would You Cheat On Eva Longoria?!
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