Packing Light: A Few Basics To Get You Through Thanksgiving Break

Every Thanksgiving break my suitcase is overflowing with too many shoes and too many outfit options. “Why do I think I need ten sweaters for a five-day break?” I ask myself as I break a sweat lugging my suitcase to the car (then again as I throw the contents of my bag around my childhood room wishing I had actually planned out an outfit rather than just throwing in shirts and dresses I liked and thought I might wear. UGH.).

No longer, girlies.

This year I am packing smart and I’m here to help you do the same. Below, four outfit ideas (Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving Dinner, Black Wednesday and Black Friday) that allow you to mix and match as little clothing as possible to get you through the glorious holiday weekend. Not only will this revolutionize the packing process, but will keep you from being “that girl who filled up the trunk so no one else’s stuff would fit” for the drive home and leave you plenty extra space for all the loot you’ll bring back with you on Sunday.

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So instead of throwing your entire closet full of clothes into your trunk this Thanksgiving break, try to come up with outfits like these that incorporate basics. Then throw in the other essentials (we’ve got them broken down for you right here). Pack right and you’ll have plenty-o-space for mom’s famous cookies and any other loot you pick up during your weekend at home.

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