5 Reasons You Should (NOT) Hook Up with Your Professor

Calling all single ladies: Monty Cook is back on the market, looking to jump back on the job hunt and probably the dating game too! After the University of North Caroline-Chapel Hill lecturer was accused of having a relationship with a female student, he resigned from the university. Though married and with two kids, this incident apparently isn’t the first time Cook has shocked the school with sex-related behavior.

Luckily, the student remains anonymous in media reports nationwide – what was she thinking, hooking up with a professor?!? For the rest of you female CC readers, here are a few reasons why you should not follow in her footsteps. Seriously.

It must stay under wraps. No filling everyone in on the details of your newfound love life, no buying anniversary gifts or romantic dates at college hot spots, no Facebook relationship status updates or profile pictures of PDA. No long conversations on the phone before you go to sleep, and no hourly text messages about how your day is going so far. You two won’t be able to participate in all of the best parts of a relationship – all that’s left is hooking up. Secretly. Without anyone else knowing. Where’s the fun in that?

It’s hard to pay attention when you’ve already seen him naked. This is especially applicable if he’s actually gorgeous. It’s incredibly distracting when your hookup buddy has both body and brains AND control over your grade. How are you supposed to get a good grade in the class now?

It could ruin your academic credibility. When do find a way to focus and climb to the top of the class, don’t you want to be on top as a reward for those countless nights without sleep because you were working so hard?  Don’t you want to be on top because of your abilities and your attributes and your talents? Don’t you want to earn your grade on your own?

It might actually turn into something more. What could simply begin as a secret, distracting and exhausting student-teacher-relationship-with-benefits might actually become a full-fledged relationship. Can you even imagine being in college and falling for an older guy who has multiple degrees, noted achievements in his field of study, and a stable income? Could you even possible be with a guy like that?

It will get around. And it will get him fired. …is that your intention?!?

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