The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving involves tons of yummy, delicious, calorie-filled foods. So obviously we LOVE IT. There’s no other holiday that celebrates our gluttony quite this well. Oh and we can unbutton our pants at the table. Double score. So we’ve spent a lot of time this month writing about this wondrous holiday and we wanted to make sure that you didn’t miss one single article. Because we’re the Thanksgiving experts — at least in our heads — and we want to share our knowledge with all of our wonderful readers.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Thanksgiving Break: Brittany teaches us how not to make Thanksgiving weekend as regrettable as that one night freshman year when you decided Patron shots were a good idea. Comment on your favorite part of Thanksgiving and WIN A BIG PRIZE!

Your Thanksgiving Break Packing List: Don’t forget your fat pants (most people do.) And your bar outfit for Wednesday. Really, it’s soooo important for your high school social standing to pack right.

5 Things To Know About Being Home For Thanksgiving Break: College life is great, but there are some really amazing things about being at home again.  Here are some of the best.

Thanksgiving Dinner Will Wreak Havoc On Your Waistline: Kind of a buzzkill, but really valuable information.  No one wants to go back to school with an extra five covering up the Freshman 15.

Intro To Cooking: Cranberry Applesauce: A sophisticated take on your favorite baby food. You’ll wow your grandmother with this simple,easy recipe.

The Black Friday Go-To Outfit: Turn the mall into a runway with this fierce yet functional ensemble. Oh, we forgot to mention in the post you should probably bring protective eyewear.

College, I Thank Thee: It’s easy to forget during finals week, but college life is pretty fan-tastic – so let’s give thanks. Where else can  you walk of shame like it’s no big deal.

I’m Not Thankful For Thanksgiving: There are people who don’t love the holiday? Who knew?!

Life After College – Holiday Anxieties: There’s a reason suicide rates spike during the holidays. LOL. But seriously.

The Perfect (And Strechy) Outfits For Your Thanksgiving Dinner: No need to unbutton your jeans at the table this year.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving? Yes, Please: Tofurkey, anyone?

Green Up Your Turkey Day: So that next year you can be thankful for the ozone layer.

Thanksgiving Part Deux: Best ways to liven leftovers.  Ever.

The Weekly Ten: The Little Things I’m Thankful For: It’s the little, simple things in life that we need to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  For me, it could be simple as a clear, quiet street for me to walk on Sunday morning back to my dorm in my Jessica Simpson pumps.

Packing Light: A Few Basics To Get You Through Thanksgiving Break: How to pack lightly this Thanksgiving Break, because who knows what size maternity pants you’re going to need to pack on your way back to college…

Morning After: Mommy Has a Thanksgiving Message
: Ok, we get it – the day before giving thanks is the biggest party day of the year.  Thanks be to ‘not seeing my Mom on the walk of shame that morning.’

Intro to Cooking: Thanksgiving at College!: If you’re too far from home this Thanksgiving and you’re sticking to off-campus-housing living, don’t fret!  There is hope in a world where you can create your own Thanksgiving Feast. Bon Appetite!”

Ten Things to NOT Bring Up at Thanksgiving Dinner:
Ok, your life aint’ a Glee episode.  It’s not going to cut to the next scene after you say something like this.

Thanksgiving Dinner Will Wreak Havoc on Your Waistline: Ok, Panera Bread does it, it’s time to count the calories on the Thanksgiving Menu this year.

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