6 Steps To Curing Your Digestion Problems

It’s no secret that our diets affect the way we feel. If you spend a night binge studying and suppressing your late-night stressors with copious amounts of mozz sticks, you (and your brain) will not feel fresh and new. Instead, you will probably feel a bit sluggish, full, bloated, and fat. Not the sexiest feeling for a young college girl.

I’m certainly not ruling out this kind of behavior. Personally, I enjoy dabbling with fried food every Sunday afternoon in an effort to kick my hangover. But, this type of eating can really mess up many students’ digestive systems, causing them to complain about stomach pain, inconsistency, and constipation. In high school my friends and I were in club “we don’t poop” and now in college my friends are I are in  club “does anyone have any gasX?”.

There are various cure-alls to such issues. A healthy diet is numero uno on that list. Followed by various other tips. Although this site provides some great advice for healthy digestion, not all of it is feasible for college students. I mean, if I could keep my stress down, I obviously would. On that note, if I could date Josh Duhamel, I obviously would. But, constantly maintaining a low stress level during college is practically equivalent on the possibility scale to me and Josh getting together.

So, here are CollegeCandy’s 6 tips for college students to maintain healthy digestion:

Healthy Diet means to be sure to incorporate roughage (lots of vegetables and greens) in order to keep things moving in your digestive tract. Also, stay away from processed foods. They’re full of chemicals and unnatural products that your body simply will not agree with. Look for food with high fiber.

Exercise because the more you move, the more things keep moving!

Stay Hydrated by simply consuming water and other liquids, you’re helping your digestive system immensely. Don’t chug Diet Coke to hydrate, though. You’ll  need to focus on consuming water and juices to help your body out.

Eating on a Schedule If you set aside certain times throughout the week, in relation to your class and work schedule, you won’t feel as rushed when eating. This allows your digestive nerves to stay calm and keeps your stomach from getting upset.

Be Careful at the Cafeteria. There are many rumors that most college cafeterias lace their foods with laxatives. Although this has never been proven, it’s probably not true. Usually, an upset stomach after a visit to your caf is due to overeating. Just because your meal plan guarantees a never-ending buffet doesn’t mean you should take it to the limit every meal.

Go when you have to go. Nothing is worse for your intestines than holding it in because you’re embarrassed to go while someone is brushing her teeth. We assure you. Everyone in your dorm poops.

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